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Science Scene: Friendships help love last

April 7, 2016

For a successful romantic relationship, maintain other friendships. In a recent study, Lisa Neff, associate professor of human development and family sciences, examined physiological responses to conflicts...


Science Scene: money and happiness

March 31, 2016

Achieving happiness could be more about a phone call to mom than a six-figure salary. Students are constantly questioning which life path will lead to the most satisfaction. In a survey that asked millennials...


SXSW offers ‘brainy’ events highlighting emerging technology, creative ideas

March 11, 2016

Austin’s annual South By Southwest festival is the ultimate playground for techies, film gurus and music aficionados. The Interactive portion of the festival never ceases to impress, highlighting...


Science Scene: Growth mindset correlates with success

February 18, 2016

Growth mindset is correlated with success, but it’s not a quick fix for large-scale problems. Growth mindset is the idea that intelligence is malleable, as opposed to fixed mindset, which suggests...


Study illustrates link between average faces, attractiveness

February 4, 2016

Students who want to be perceived as smarter, kinder and healthier don’t need to work harder — they just need to be average.      The Langlois Lab in the Department of Psychology...