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Student giving campaign was misguided and insensitive

Leah Kashar November 3, 2017

Over the past few weeks, students have been receiving emails with the subject line, “What makes you proud to be a Longhorn?” Inside, Danielle of the UT Student Foundation pleads with students...


Sandra Bland Act brings needed focus to suicides in Texas jails

Leah Kashar March 6, 2017

Since 2009, 140 people have committed suicide in Texas jails. On July 13, 2015, Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell in Waller County, Texas after an arrest on July 10. Her wrongful death was ruled...


University must address hate speech at source

Leah Kashar February 20, 2017

The days that one could avoid blatant anti-Semitism by staying off of online forums are long gone. Since 2008, there has been a marked increase in the number of anti-Semitic comments made on sites such...


Forum: No still means no

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase October 14, 2016

Last week, the Republican nominee for president admitted on tape that he has used his power as a celebrity to assault women. And the party still endorses his campaign to hold the most powerful office on...


Youth turnout will define America’s future

Jordan Shenhar, Leah Kashar, and Alexander Chase October 7, 2016

As Ted Cruz so eloquently put it at this year’s Texas Tribune Festival, this election, “we’re facing a binary choice.” And indeed, 2016 is unlike any election year that the United...

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Forum: SG Debate

Leah Kashar September 23, 2016

Monday’s presidential debate is one of the most anticipated political events of year. But, even more anticipated on UT’s campus is our General Election Debate hosted by Student Government on...


Share your story with Daily Texan Forum

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase September 2, 2016

No matter how diverse a staff we have here at The Daily Texan, there will always be moments where the most qualified voices to speak on a topic are not our own. Whether an issue is personal, political...


Texas must reform system to help foster children

Leah Kashar May 2, 2016

Texas’ foster care system is overworked and under-regulated, leading to thousands upon thousands of children who end up worse off for the system for the lack of proper care. The worst part of this...


UT must accept responsibility for campus carry misuse

Leah Kashar April 25, 2016

There were 372 mass shootings in the United States in 2015 — more shootings than days in the entire year. Texas’ campus carry bill disrespects the great number of people who are killed in a...


Accessibility to vegetarianism and veganism in Austin make them healthier options for students

Leah Kashar April 18, 2016

Austin is one of the best cities in the world to be a vegetarian or a vegan -- in fact, it is the number one city to be a vegan according to PETA, as of 2013. Students should consider the ease of being...


FDA’s looser restrictions on abortion pills will help Texas reduce hypocrisy

Leah Kashar April 12, 2016

The FDA made huge progress in providing safe, accessible abortion to women with their update on regulations involving the abortion pill Mifeprex. The old regulations recommended a dosage of 600 mg, which...


Round Up’s philanthropy focus is a step in the right direction for Greek life

Leah Kashar April 5, 2016

Over the weekend, West Campus was a whirlwind of fanny-pack clad women and jersey-wearing men, all running from party to party, from philanthropy event to philanthropy event, in the spirit of the 86th...


Austin’s Fair Chance ordinance will give people a chance at life

Leah Kashar March 28, 2016

On Thursday night, Austin became the first Southern city to pass a Fair Chance Ordinance, which allows formerly incarcerated persons to have a fair chance at finding a job and integrate themselves back...


Vacations necessary for students’ mental health

Leah Kashar March 22, 2016

While the United States can boast being advanced in many ways, it fails to require basic rights for its citizens, an example being proper mental health care. For students, taking exceptional care to manage...


History is repeating itself with family detention centers

Leah Kashar March 8, 2016

If the United States should be ashamed of any of its past political decisions, Japanese internment camps must be extremely high on the list. The children imprisoned in these camps, without due process...


Obama’s defunding of abstinence-only education is a good thing

Leah Kashar March 1, 2016

In Mean Girls fashion, a Texas high school recently suffered a chlamydia outbreak. They may not have been told, “Don’t have sex, or you’ll get pregnant, and die,” but as their sex...


Going outside can help reduce students’ stress

Leah Kashar February 23, 2016

Nature is a free and easy way to reduce stress that many students do not take nearly enough advantage of. While finding time to go outside and take a walk, or a hike, or just sit in the sun, can be difficult,...


Promoting a plant-based diet can reduce carbon emissions

Leah Kashar February 16, 2016

Many people who eat a plant based diet are familiar with “defensive omnivore syndrome,” -- reaction that many people who eat meat give to vegans and vegetarians. After being asked questions...


CDC Infographic promotes victim blaming

Leah Kashar February 9, 2016

It is safe to say that no one has ever gotten a sexually transmitted disease from drinking alcohol. However, a recent infographic from the Centers for Disease Control suggested that women should not drink...


When will Texas stop the fight against a woman’s right?

Leah Kashar February 2, 2016

Texas has done almost everything short of attempting to legally ban abortion in order to ensure that as few women as possible have access to this constitutional right. Although the Supreme Court has established...


Women should be able to have it all — paid maternity leave included

Leah Kashar January 19, 2016

While the United States is developed in many respects, such as technology and higher education, the U.S. falls behind in ensuring women have the most basic rights: to give birth to and raise their children....


Government needs to reform use of detention centers for refugees

Leah Kashar December 4, 2015

As Syrian refugees flee for their lives and enter the United States, they can expect to be basically jailed. Upon entering the United States, whether or not they present themselves to customs, asylum seekers...


Austin must take measures to increase resources for homeless youth

Leah Kashar November 13, 2015

At 17 years old, Regina Tardy fled her abusive boyfriend, intending to flee to relatives in Lubbock, according to the Austin Chronicle. After getting stuck in Austin and being taken to a homeless shelter...


Conversation about consent is necessary for safe campus climate

Leah Kashar October 30, 2015

In Texas health classes, teachers are required to give students a basic understanding of the benefits of abstinence. The health curriculum covers everything one needs to know about being an adult in the...


Campus (Dildo) Carry protest sparks conversation on feminism

Leah Kashar October 16, 2015

Instead of carrying picket signs to demonstrate against campus carry, UT students have planned a different kind of protest: bringing dildos to class. A protest started by UT alum Jessica Jin encourages...


Trigger warnings are necessary but should not lead to censorship

Leah Kashar October 2, 2015

Trigger warnings are disclaimers intending to alert an audience of potentially harmful or sensitive material. They are usually established to protect people who suffer from trauma. However, some students...


Fraternities should be mindful of misogynistic party themes

Leah Kashar September 18, 2015

Greek life is intended to provide a home away from home for students and make a large campus community feel smaller. However, high expectations force women to conform to social norms. For Greek women who...


Educator awareness and respect of privacy is vital to protecting rights of students with disabilities

Leah Kashar September 11, 2015

In an ideal world, outside of what is visible, a disabled individual can remain as public or as private about his or her disability as they so choose. This is not always the case, especially on college...

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