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Female doctors discuss isolation in a male-dominated field

December 3, 2013

Three female doctors cited professional persistence as a critical element of success in male-dominated fields in a discussion Monday. Pediatric neurosurgeon Patricia Aronin said during her education,...


Center to implement new supercomputer for data visualization

November 26, 2013

A new supercomputer at UT will transform numbers into pictures, an intuitive way of sharing information.  Beginning in January 2014, students and faculty will have access to a new supercomputer...


Bike Safety Workshop identified solutions to problematic intersections in Austin

November 22, 2013

Eight groups of cyclists, drivers and engineers brainstormed design solutions to dangerous intersections identified by the City of Austin. At the 2013 VeloTexas Bicycle Safety Intersection Design...

Professors and students reflect on significance of Gettysburg Address 150 years after its delivery

November 19, 2013

Exactly 150 years after President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address at a Pennsylvania cemetery, his message of standing up for the country’s values still apply, according to UT professors...


Panel discusses Texas women in politics

November 14, 2013

University Democrats hosted a panel Wednesday where women in Texas government addressed the challenges they faced as a result of their gender, including feeling isolated and having a harder time raising...


UT research links carbon dioxide injection and earthquakes in West Texas

November 12, 2013

A UT professor and a visiting scientist found a correlation between gas injections into the ground and earthquakes in the city of Snyder, a small town in West Texas. Carbon dioxide injections are used...

Student representative positions open on state higher education board

November 6, 2013

Several representative positions are available for student applicants until Friday for the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the board’s committees, which influence public policy in Texas. UT...

Clothing and book swap benefits students, flood victims

November 5, 2013

The Gender and Sexuality Center allowed students to experiment with different fashion styles through a gender-inclusive clothing swap Monday. Dance senior Kelsey Rondeau said the clothing swap is a...


New York Times White House correspondent retells story of Bush-Cheney relationship

November 1, 2013

The media often portrayed President George W. Bush as Vice President Dick Cheney’s figurehead, but their relationship was far more complex and conflict-riddled than the public realized, according...


Cancer research at UT brings students hope

October 29, 2013

A UT graduate student is exploring a method to inhibit tumor growth by re-establishing cell communication between healthy and cancerous cells.  Healthy cells communicate with each other and regulate...


UT Energy Poll shows public’s disconnect with energy issues

October 22, 2013

A UT Energy Poll revealed several disconnects between public perception of energy issues and the way those issues exist in reality. “[The poll] reflects that people don’t understand a lot...


UT Libraries Wikipedia Editathon kicks off Open Access Week events

October 22, 2013

UT librarians demonstrated a variety of ways to contribute to the Wikipedia community in UT’s first Wikipedia Editathon on Monday. The Editathon kicked off a series of events hosted by UT Libraries...

Poll shows public’s disconnect with energy issues

October 21, 2013

A UT Energy Poll revealed several disconnects between public perception of energy issues and the way those issues exist in reality. “[The poll] reflects that people don’t understand a lot...

Investor report explores credits and risks of college sports

October 15, 2013

A credit-rating company released a report Friday outlining the advantages and risks of having well-known sports programs in NCAA Division I universities, and said successful programs can often strengthen...


Law school lecturer examines balance between human rights and business interests through government regulation

October 8, 2013

Pablo Larranaga, professor at the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, explored the relationship between regulatory and human rights regimes in protecting human rights Monday at the School of Law. Regulatory...


UT Press series to cover Texas history, culture

October 8, 2013

UT faculty will author 16 books comprehensively covering Texas history, culture, politics and more as part of a project called the Texas Bookshelf, recently announced by UT Press. No other publisher...

Professor explores human effects on landscape in ancient China

October 7, 2013

Humans have been altering the environment and unknowingly documenting changes to the landscape since the beginning of our existence, according to anthropology professor Arlene Rosen. Rosen’s work,...

American Atheists president calls for more vocal non-theist representation

October 1, 2013

American Atheists president David Silverman encouraged students to criticize religious beliefs, not those who hold them at a talk Monday. Speaking in Hogg Memorial Auditorium, Silverman argued that...

With flu season approaching, University Health Services offers shots for students and staff

September 24, 2013

October marks the beginning of flu season, accompanied annually by a flurry of sniffy noses and 100-degree fevers. Starting Monday, University Health Services will offer flu shots to UT students, faculty...


Workshop series offers professional development for student employees

September 17, 2013

A University program designed to help the 10,000 students employed on campus develop professional and life skills hosted its first of 16 interactive workshops to educate and offer professional growth opportunities. The...


Flag memorial commemorates 9/11 victims

September 12, 2013

Three thousand flags lined the South Mall on Wednesday to remember those who died in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Since 2002, the Young Conservatives of Texas has set up the memorial, a rectangular...

Nigerian artist Mary Evans delivers talk on cultural themes in her art

September 10, 2013

Nigerian artist Mary Evans said during her college years she was the only black student in her class, but this didn’t become the focus of her artwork until she had what she described as an eye-opening...

The Cockrell School of Engineering ranks third in the nation for minority graduates

September 9, 2013

According to a recent ranking, The Cockrell School of Engineering graduates is the third highest number of minority students.  The Cockrell School graduated 441 minority students in the 2011-2012...