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Tuition hike will make it harder for students to afford necessities

November 24, 2015

UT officials are debating raising tuition by $150 per semester. They are measuring this cost against the benefits of replenishing the budget, increasing salaries, fixing University buildings and increasing...


APD must stop jailing people who can’t pay misdemeanor fines

November 10, 2015

The judicial system is designed to keep citizens safe from themselves and each other. Austin citizens are being jailed for indigency — or inability to pay — for violating Class C misdemeanors. A...


Halloween is not free pass to culturally appropriate

October 30, 2015

Editor's note: This is one half of a point-counterpoint. To read the other side, click here. You’re walking around the Spirit Halloween store scrambling for a last-minute costume. A poster...


Spirit groups must be held accountable for racism, in addition to Greek organizations

October 13, 2015

Greek life is often put under the spotlight for instances of racism. However, organizations directly affiliated with UT are also plagued by it. Spirit groups, the University’s official student organizations,...