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In the face of difficult job market, millennials use social media to make their own

September 14, 2017

When you play the game of likes, you win, or you get unfollowed. Social media platforms have gained fame — or infamy, depending on whom you ask — because of their extraordinary ability...

San Antonio finds pride in the return of its youngest music festival, Mala Luna Fest

July 17, 2017

With the unexpected success of its latest music festival, Mala Luna, San Antonio continues to diversify its music scene and find a new reason to be proud of its community. Despite its size, San...

4:44, Jay-z’s self-critical response to Lemonade, is the real hip-hop we’ve been waiting for

July 5, 2017

Following his induction to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Jay-Z sets his ego aside and confronts infidelities hinted at in Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” with his latest album, 4:44. Through...