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a christmas prince review Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince’ returns with sequel full of plot holes

Noelle Henry December 3, 2018

What makes this holiday season so great? The release of “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.” Netflix debuted “A Christmas Prince” during the 2017 holiday season, to great...


Thanksgiving alternative fueled by historical context: Unthanksgiving

Noelle Henry November 26, 2018

The National Day of Mourning, or Unthanksgiving, is a trend gaining increasing recognition throughout America, with places such as San Francisco taking notice of the active protest against November’s...

the other side of the wind_courtesy of Netflix

‘The Other Side of the Wind’ is a harsh jumble that bares Orson Welles’ soul

Noelle Henry November 8, 2018

Oscar winner Orson Welles was the genius behind “Citizen Kane” and the star in “The Third Man,” and his legacy remains long after his death in 1985. With his death, Welles left...


ProctorU holds advantages for professors, difficulties for students

Noelle Henry November 6, 2018

Although ProctorU helps professors make sure students maintain academic integrity during online classes, the platform presents problems for some students. According to Online Schools Center, 33 percent...


Austin Witches Circle provides mystical way of looking at life

Noelle Henry October 31, 2018

Want to make life a little more magical? Meet the witches who practice magic and work together to learn more about the mystical, sharing it with the local community. The Austin Witches Circle is a group...


ACL necessities for Weekend Two

Noelle Henry October 12, 2018

What’s better than finding out OU still sucks? Realizing ACL Weekend Two is finally here. The only problem? It can be hard deciding what to bring to a musical festival full of dancing, drinking...

The Good Cop courtesy of NETFLIX

Netflix’s new “The Good Cop” provides easy, carefree watching

Noelle Henry October 4, 2018

Take a look into the life of a straight-arrow cop with a convicted criminal father … who also happens to be an ex-cop from the same police precinct. In Netflix’s latest detective show,...

Classic movies continue to shape the film industry today

Noelle Henry September 27, 2018

Classic movies are eternal. They are often referenced in popular culture and everyday conversations. They are those movies that you can watch time and time again and feel the same happiness you felt that...


Just in time for Halloween: Scottish Rite Dorm, other local Austin haunts are home to actual ghosts

Noelle Henry September 12, 2018

Founded in the 19th century, Austin has a history that leaves much to be explored in the otherworld. Tours such as Austin Ghost Tours and Haunted ATX seek to investigate the paranormal activity ingrained...


Summer movies to hit you with those good times feels

Noelle Henry May 2, 2018

Finals season is probably one of the toughest things to go through as a student, so it doesn’t hurt to have a little light at the end to pull you through. In between your study sessions, check...


Hank’s serves up American cuisine in Windsor Park

Noelle Henry April 25, 2018

Andy Means and Jessie Katz are changing the restaurant game by giving out five-star food that’ll fulfill your cravings in a casual setting with bargain prices. Their new restaurant, Hank’s,...


UT professors prepare for battle for sustainability supremacy

Noelle Henry April 12, 2018

If you’ve ever wondered what different colleges contribute to the betterment of sustainability, professors are throwing it down so you can get your answer. The Sustainability Showdown is back...


Organizations across campus push for women to learn self-defense techniques

Noelle Henry April 5, 2018

In an environment where sexual assault is prevalent, self-defense classes have seen a low turnout. Fifteen percent of female undergraduates at UT have experienced rape since their enrollment. Taking...

wild wild country court of netflix

‘Wild Wild Country’ explores the workings of the ‘80s cult that scammed America

Noelle Henry March 27, 2018

With its dramatic portrayal of the 1980s Rajneesh community in Oregon, Netflix’s “Wild Wild Country” is going to gain a cult following of its own. Directed by brothers Chapman and...

jessica-jones-season-2 court of Netflix

New season of ‘Jessica Jones’ provides a fresh take on the superhero story

Noelle Henry March 20, 2018

Marvel’s female anti-superhero is back and more bitter than ever. With each episode directed by a different woman, “Jessica Jones” highlights the talents of the mostly female cast...

ut_sxsw_0307_MelWestfall_UTSXSW copy

SXSW wellness expo teaches you how to live your best life

Noelle Henry March 10, 2018

Determining what’s healthy for us mentally and physically is a tricky task, but South by Southwest’s new Wellness Expo is here to give you some clarity. The Wellness Expo is a free event...


UT cares about student wellness, and it’s ready to prove it

Noelle Henry March 7, 2018

Waves of change are happening on the UT campus as the school has begun implementing more programs to address student wellness and mental health, from the addition of the Interpersonal Violence Peer Support...

Students mentor girls in juvenile center to overcome disadvantaged childhoods

Noelle Henry February 23, 2018

Every Tuesday evening, students from The University of Texas journey to Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Center to speak to troubled girls in order to curb their patterns of breaking the law. In the spring...


Tainted love: what we can learn through Valentine’s Day legends

Noelle Henry February 14, 2018

Tender love and care are on the minds of most students as Valentine’s Day slowly approaches like a brewing hurricane. Everyone knows it, and no matter how hard some may try to ignore the holiday,...


Out-of-state students reflect on positives, struggles at UT

Noelle Henry February 9, 2018

Texas law restricts UT-Austin’s out-of-state student population to 10 percent, and despite Chancellor William McRaven saying that he would be open to increasing that percentage , there isn’t...


Hurricane Harvey victims speak about the ongoing devastation of the storm

Noelle Henry February 1, 2018

Disaster struck in August of last year when Hurricane Harvey swept across Houston, and the city still feels the effects of the storm today. Harvey resulted in the wide-swept destruction of many towns,...


Actresses take stand for equality with Time’s Up movement leading to industry-wide discussion

Noelle Henry January 22, 2018

A political statement dominated the wardrobes of many actors and actresses at this year’s Golden Globes — black attire and a pin. In honor of the Time’s Up movement, this year’s...

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