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Legislators must avoid anti-science policy

Nrhari Duran December 1, 2016

Finals week approaches and PCL reservations are getting harder and harder to come by. All across campus, Longhorns are frantically reading, studying and googling with the hope of acing their finals. While...


GOP still faces uncertain future

Nrhari Duran November 14, 2016

Democrats and Republicans are taking this chance to catch their breath, but sooner or later the Republican party will have to resolve a new, post-Trump challenge: how to regroup after electing Donald Trump. Throughout...


Austin’s hip-hop community needs more chutzpah

Nrhari Duran October 26, 2016

When Nach Baliye, UT’s bollywood-fusion dance team, made headlines at the international hip-hop dance competition World of Dance, the campus gained some street cred. That was two years ago. Since...


Voters get disproportionate amounts of wasabi this election

Nrhari Duran October 19, 2016

The Japanese sushi-eating tradition is finely tuned for a culinary experience. Along with a customer’s choice of sushi, each plate comes with guacamole’s spicy twin, wasabi, some soy sauce...


Trump misleads base during debates

Nrhari Duran October 12, 2016

On Saturday, Robert DeNiro announced that he wanted to punch Donald Trump in the face. By now thousands of voters have probably sent DeNiro a few hundred pairs of boxing gloves and brass knuckles. Experts...


E-sports acquisitions must put fan experience first

Nrhari Duran October 5, 2016

Last week, the Philadelphia 76ers became the first professional sports franchise to own an e-sports team when they acquired Team Dignitas, which is best described as the 76ers of the e-sports world (both...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

Campus welcome weeks daunt incoming students

Nrhari Duran September 28, 2016

Some students come to college with their lives planned out through to their senior course schedule. The sane students rely on their first UT experiences to inform their decisions. The problem arises when...


New sustainability degree fosters new discussion on environmentalism

Nrhari Duran September 21, 2016

Most Longhorns may be content to bleed orange, but the Office of Sustainability suggests that we think green too. Though most students don’t have time to do anymore thinking, a new degree will facilitate...


Stock interview questions keep applicants from being different

Nrhari Duran September 14, 2016

The most important thing to any self-respecting admission committee or employer is a firm, two-pump handshake. Any candidate who can successfully inflict permanent joint damage upon their interviewer has...


Students should avoid relying on expectations about college

Nrhari Duran September 8, 2016

When you first move onto the 40 Acres, you have a lot to learn. From figuring out how to operate a dorm shower (without getting scalded) to finding your classes on day one, it helps to know a little in...

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