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Rising costs of living in West Campus strain UT students

Rabeea Tahir August 5, 2013

After being accepted to UT’s McCombs School of Business, Saleha Ali and her parents had a tough decision to make. Ali could attend UT while paying the high cost of living in West Campus or go to...

UT strives to improve four-year graduation rates

Rabeea Tahir August 5, 2013

As freshmen take the first steps into their college careers this month, a team stretching across every inch of campus is aggressively working to make sure students graduate from UT in four years. For...


Capital Metro to launch new, faster buses to improve city transportation

Rabeea Tahir July 29, 2013

UT students will soon be able to hop onto what some are calling the fastest buses the city has ever seen.  Capital Metro is launching MetroRapid next spring, a $38 million transportation initiative...


Gay church youth director awaiting authoritative decision to become a minister

Rabeea Tahir July 29, 2013

After years of work to receive ordination, Mary Ann Kaiser will have to wait months or even years for religious authorities to decide if she can become a minister as an openly gay woman.  Kaiser,...


UT breaks ground on new campus food garden

Rabeea Tahir July 22, 2013

UT broke ground on a new food garden this month that will bring more homegrown food to campus plates this fall, an increasingly common practice at Texas institutions looking for sustainable practices during...


What’s next for Texas abortion legislation

Rabeea Tahir July 18, 2013

While Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed abortion legislation into law Thursday morning, the new rules are already anticipated to end up in court before they even go into effect. The abortion legislation...

Unrest in Turkey has ramifications for UT, Austin

Rabeea Tahir July 16, 2013

Eduardo Luna, a government senior and international student, learned to appreciate and dispel any misconceptions he had of Middle Eastern cultures while undergoing a transformative and enlightening experience...


Students enjoy free meals for Ramadan

Rabeea Tahir July 15, 2013

Four years ago, UT alumna Pari Wafayee walked down to her cafeteria in her residence hall to break her Ramadan fast, only to find out campus dining halls operated on reduced schedules in the summer. Feeling...


Construction noise in West Campus irritates students

Rabeea Tahir July 11, 2013

A seemingly endless parade of construction continues in West Campus, attracting new companies to the West Campus area while vexing students who wake up to the daily sounds of hammers and engines.  Construction...


Views on Texas abortion legislation, regulation differ among religions

Rabeea Tahir July 8, 2013

While the Texas Legislature continues to debate abortion legislation, non-Christian religious communities watch on with different perspectives on the controversial issue. There are many different religious...


UT Solar Vehicles Team finishes in 6th place

Rabeea Tahir July 1, 2013

After a rocky start that included tire blowouts and problems with the brakes, the UT Solar Vehicles Team finished in sixth place at the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix with their $100,000 solar car. Although...


Three new additions coming to West Campus food truck park

Rabeea Tahir June 28, 2013

Rancho Rio Eatery, the food truck park in West Campus, will surprise students with three new food trucks when they return to Austin from summer break. Despite a slow summer, Andy Osborn, the co-owner...


UT solar car team gearing up for race

Rabeea Tahir June 24, 2013

Two years and thousands of dollars later, the UT Solar Vehicles Team is geared up and ready to race its car, called the TexSun, at the Formula Sun Grand Prix this week. Beginning Monday and ending Saturday,...


Youth director at University United Methodist Church barred from ordination because of sexuality

Rabeea Tahir June 20, 2013

After about seven years of enrollment in the process to become an ordained minister, Mary Ann Kaiser of the University United Methodist Church was suddenly removed from candidacy because of her sexual...


As nonresident tuition rises, international UT students face many challenges

Rabeea Tahir June 13, 2013

Nearly 8,000 miles and a full day ahead of Austin, University of Texas student Mubariz Hayat’s Pakistani parents work two jobs to support their son’s hefty tuition. His parents face financial...

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