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Undocumented student seeks to defy stereotypes, promote awareness

May 1, 2017

“Valedictorian, 13 cords...oh, and I’m undocumented,” tweeted Mayte Lara, sparking a national conversation in June 2016. Now a human dimensions of organizations freshman, Lara hopes...

RussianHouse_Courtesy of Roman Butvin

Russian House brings authentic Eastern European cuisine to Austin

April 10, 2017

Next to the host stand at a restaurant on Austin’s Fifth Street sits a stuffed bear by the name of Misha wearing a USSR-era ushanka and a tight white “Keep Austin Russian” t-shirt.  Considered...


Professor Kevin Cokley named fellow in the UT System Distinguished Academy of Teachers

April 3, 2017

Having worked his entire career to promote multiculturalism, educational psychology professor Kevin O. Cokley is now being recognized for his impact on the UT community.  Cokley was selected to...


Queer Prom promotes inclusivity of LGBT and feminist communities

March 28, 2017

Someone approaching the Almetris Duren Residence Hall entrance on Saturday night would be surprised by the contrast between those entering Duren and those leaving. Those that left were attired in neon...