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Sexy Sally: Oral sex

November 13, 2013

Oral sex is kind of like cake. If it’s baked correctly then it is delectably satisfying and you can’t get enough. If it’s not… well, it can just be a little gross and unpleasant. I...


Sexy Sally: Exclusivity

October 30, 2013

Exclusivity is a conversation I avoid at all costs. I chalk it up to my age or maybe just my enjoyment of crazy college nights, but I have no desire to be in a committed relationship. This doesn’t...


Sexy Sally: The biggest lie I was told about sex

October 22, 2013

Growing up in Texas means your sex education isn’t always thorough.  The biggest lie I heard during my sex education was that “abstinence is the best way to protect yourself.” Okay,...


Sex column roundup: Week 5

October 21, 2013

In case you missed it, we had our fifth installment of the sex columns run online last week. All four columnists talked about what turns them on, and what doesn't. Instead of doing homework,...


Sexy Sally: Turn ons

October 16, 2013

Turn-ons are what take innocent attraction to burning passion in as little as half of a second. So what turns me on? Manhandling. This might come as a surprise, but I actually really...


Sexy Sally: Why I have sex

October 9, 2013

Why do I have sex?  We have sex to get what we want. For most people, sex is a way to express their love or attraction for another person. Some people are just looking for a good time on Saturday...


Sexy Sally: Masturbation

September 25, 2013

As the daughter of a sexually liberal mother, I was told that I needed to bring a vibrator to college. I lost my v-card about halfway through high school, so sexual pleasure wasn’t anything new to...


Sex Column Roundup: Week 2

September 22, 2013

Last week our sex columnists talked about their first kisses. Catch up on what you missed here:  Virgin Veronica: "The deed was finally done when Garrett asked me flat out, 'can I kiss...


Sexy Sally: My First Kiss

September 17, 2013

Editor's note: In this weekly sex column, four columnists discuss their different sexual experiences relating to a common theme. Sexy Sally runs every Tuesday evening.  My first kiss was...


Sex column roundup: Week 1

September 14, 2013

In case you missed it, we had our first series of sex columns run online this week. All four columnists introduced themselves and talked about their Flexuality Test results, a test that tells you...


Sexy Sally: Flexuality test

September 10, 2013

Editors note: This is the first in an ongoing series about sex and sexuality. Our four columnists represent four very different sexual experiences. Sexy Sally is the first installment. Hello, fellow...