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Official newspaper of the University of Texas at Austin

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Forced to eat? How the UT meal plan impacts students, food insecurity

May 3, 2018

A meal plan should be able to give individuality and healthy options, and be affordable — UT’s meal plan provides none of these things. According to University of Texas Housing and Dining,...


The creation of the UT Animators Club brings community and learning to UT’s future digital storytellers

April 26, 2018

Whether it is waking up for early morning adventures with “Tom and Jerry” or late nights spent enjoying the adult humor in “Rick and Morty,” animation plays a role in many people’s...

Grassroots_2018-04-09_ Grassroots_Ashley

RTF students bring drama to Texas Student Television with ‘Grass Roots’

April 13, 2018

Radio-television-film students bring their works to life on Texas Student Television every semester to entertain the UT student body. The channel predominantly features comedies and talk shows. However,...


Positive reality of traveling and studying abroad for black students

April 5, 2018

Studying abroad gives students the option to take their education to the next level by experiencing learning in a new environment. Traveling can be a learning experience, but many don’t have the...


UT student organization builds, passion, confidence and community through art

March 27, 2018

Although creative projects can be done alone with the right resources, sometimes it’s better to have two brains on a project than one. That’s the foundation of Collaborative Artists. Collaborative...

photo_0326_MelWestfall_Photorights copy

To copy or not to copy: How copyright impacts digital art students and artists

March 26, 2018

On Feb. 15, Google Images disabled the download image option from their engine in order to prevent copyright infringement because of a previous lawsuit from Getty Images. For many, the change may not be...


From paintbrushes to glitches: how a UT alumnus teaches a new technologic art style

March 22, 2018

When a TV signal “glitches,” the signal is lost; playoffs game could be missed, cartoons become morphed versions of themselves, and entertainment is ruined. To Austin-based technology and art...


Arcades, tabletops, indie and tournaments — cool gaming events at SXSW

March 9, 2018

South by Southwest’s gaming festival offers a variety of challenges and competitions for all players across a selection of popular tabletops and video games. With all the categories and events taking...

black_0301_DanielleHenderson_BlackVoices copy

Black Voices supports students through peer discussion and mental help

March 1, 2018

UT’s black population may only make up about 5 percent of the campus, but their voices and experiences are not unheard. Black Voices, a program created a year ago by UT psychologist Dr. Kimberly...


Austin’s Center for Music Therapy helps those who can not walk, one note at a time

February 26, 2018

Relearning to walk takes a toll on people with movement disorders or brain injuries, but Austin’s Center for Music Therapy believes music can ease a patient’s journey to getting back on their...


Three important black UT advocates paved the way for black UT students

February 15, 2018

UT has a long and troubled history when it comes to the integration of the campus. However, many black alumni, faculty and organizations have paved the way to change that history. Here are a few influential...


Annual Freshman Awards Ceremony honors black students

February 2, 2018

Jan. 31, 2018, may be a regular day for most UT students, but to the Delta Xi chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, AKA, it is a day of much needed celebration and recognition. The African-American...

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