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Consider the bad actors at play, not the system

September 22, 2020

Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor is in response to an editorial The Daily Texan published September 8 encouraging the University to increase its oversight of Greek...


Know your rights before you sign them away

November 30, 2018

You know the friend who covers up their laptop camera because they are paranoid the government is watching them? They sound crazy, but in a way, they are right. We live in a world engrossed in technology,...


Silence the slut shaming this Halloween

October 31, 2018

When I think about Halloween, I picture Regina George in “Mean Girls” posing for her mother in a lingerie bunny costume. Protagonist Cady Heron narrates the clip saying, “In girl world,...


Professors: Post your lecture slides

October 11, 2018

Access to lecture material is an essential tool for clarification and cross-reference. Uploading lecture material post-class prevents anxiety about missing key aspects of the lecture because the professor...


It’s time for UT colleges to ditch the fountain

October 8, 2018

UT-Austin encourages students to use reusable water bottles and fill them up on campus rather than buy plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, a majority of campus water fountains are not ideal for this...