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IRG needs new study abroad petition process

February 28, 2019

I spent the most crucial stages of my cognitive development in Vietnam. I was raised there for 16 years and went to schools in two regions. As a United States Marine, I completed two overseas deployments....


Undergraduate students with children should have priority registration

February 20, 2019

Student parents have responsibilities beyond those of traditional students. They must take care of their children while balancing rigorous coursework and facing financial pressures that incentivize early...

dining hallc

J2 should be open on the weekends

February 15, 2019

UT has two all-you-can-eat dining halls: Jester 2nd Floor Dining and Kinsolving Dining. While those who live close to Kins can enjoy meals at Kins on the weekends, residents of the seven dorms in the Jester...