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Create more COVID-19 support groups

November 12, 2020

Trigger warning: discussions of mental health, depression and anxiety This semester, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to juggle my classes, extracurriculars and personal relationships. With...

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Fortify underclassman resources

November 9, 2020

Networking and recruiting is already very daunting and difficult for undergraduate students, but it can be especially hard for freshmen and sophomores. When I participated in networking events as a freshman...


Expand high school research outreach

October 29, 2020

Research can be a valuable part of the undergraduate student experience, as it offers an alternative to traditional classroom learning that is both empowering and inspiring. However, most students don’t...


Add more features to course schedule

October 22, 2020

Registration can be a confusing process for many students, and the added uncertainty of continuing hybrid courses in the 2021 spring semester only increases students’ stress. Since everything is...


Inclusive access is not as inclusive as it seems

October 15, 2020

This spring, UT is rolling out a pilot version of the “inclusive access” digital textbooks program it plans to fully implement by fall 2021. Although the program offers some benefits, it will...


Vote early to avoid Election Day crowds

October 1, 2020

Do you have a plan for how you’re going to vote in the upcoming elections? November 3 may seem like a lifetime away, but for those who do plan to vote, it’s best to get your ballot in earlier...

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Switch to open educational resources to mitigate textbook costs

September 25, 2020

This may come as shocking news to some, but college is not very affordable — understatement of the century, I know.  At UT, the estimated cost of attendance for undergraduates can vary from...


Make Protect Texas Together Mandatory

September 18, 2020

Over 600 new COVID-19 cases have been reported since classes started, which means that UT has managed to surpass 1,000 total cases in the six months since the pandemic began. Student attitudes regarding...


Students must be made aware of public speaking resources

March 30, 2020

Editor’s note: This column was written before the closure of the UT campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Its content may or may not reflect the current reality of student life on campus. We believe it...

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UT faculty: Standardize use of Instapoll, save students money

March 10, 2020

College is meant to be a personal investment in your future. Theoretically, however much energy and effort you put into your education will be paid back tenfold post-graduation. If that really is the case,...


UT students deserve a two week add-drop period

March 6, 2020

The beginning of the semester is rough for everyone, and it often takes more than just the first week to really get into the groove of things. Between student organization meetings and swapping the classes...