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Forum editor remains grateful for challenge, discussion

May 6, 2016

Participating in the Texan was not something that I was intending to do when I set foot on this campus. I’m the son of writers — and had decided that journalism was not my passion, despite...


UT bureaucracy undermines effectiveness

April 21, 2016

This week in our Daily Texan Forum page, we will hear from Voices Against Violence member Mia Goldstein, who is discussing filling the endowment for the Voices Against Violence Survivor’s Fund. The...


UT administration, APD deserve praise for response to tragedy

April 14, 2016

Our campus was rocked with the news of the senseless and tragic killing of Haruka Weiser, a theatre and dance freshman from Oregon, on April 3. Little information was forthcoming soon after the tragedy...


UT must follow City’s lead on curbing DUIs

April 7, 2016

The City of Austin has a little-known policy which has been keeping drunk drivers off the streets for quite some time. If you drive to downtown entertainment districts and park in a City space, you have...


Forum: Exploring the nuances of TNCs

March 31, 2016

The battle between the Austin City Council and the transportation network companies Uber and Lyft has hit a crucial moment, which will not only define ride-hailing in the City of Austin, but will also...


Vote Dimitroff-Guadiana: lessons from our leaders

March 30, 2016

The time spent on a student body presidential and vice presidential campaign are some of the most intimate moments people get to experience here on the 40 Acres, this campaign season in particular. There...


As voting begins, UT students should pay attention to all elections

February 18, 2016

March 1 through March 3 are big days for University of Texas students. On March 1, Texas residents will vote in their respective party primaries for their preferred candidate for president of the United...


The Texan Talks: Campaign spending limit debate occupies SG’s attention

February 11, 2016

The Daily Texan Forum this week focuses on Student Government elections and their costs. The University of Texas Student Government passed AB 9 last week, authored by forum contributor Amber Magee, which...


Huey Fischer’s focus on UT makes him strong choice in HD-49

February 4, 2016

Where would you expect to find a candidate for State Representative on a Monday? Perhaps a fundraiser or a speaking engagement. Or, in the case of HD-49 candidate Huey Fischer, spending 17 hours on campus...


Let voters decide on unnecessary restrictions against Uber, Lyft

January 28, 2016

Over the last few years, Austin voters have rejected proposals to remedy our city’s pernicious transportation. Proposition 1, the most recent, would have allocated money towards a rail line from...


The Texan Talks: mental health and suicide prevention

November 19, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan forum will discuss mental health and suicide prevention efforts on the University of Texas campus. This important topic — coupled with our discussion of sexual assault...


The Texan Talks: race and diversity on the 40 Acres

November 12, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan Forum will approach the topic of race and diversity on campus. As protests over police brutality and race relations on college campuses dominate the headlines, we hope to explore...


The Texan Talks: campus sexual assault and dating violence

November 5, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan Forum will discuss sexual assault and dating violence on campus. Sexual assault is an issue which has plagued University campuses across the United States for many years, and...


The Texan Talks: new president, new beginnings

October 29, 2015

President Gregory L. Fenves is around four months into his time as president of the University of Texas, and this week, the Texan Forum page has set out to give him a platform to address students about...


Forum: Working to make Texas greater

October 29, 2015

Editor’s Note: Some parts of the following interview with University President Gregory L. Fenves were omitted for brevity and clarity. Daily Texan: What have your first few months in office been...


The Texan Talks: Student debt and college affordability

October 22, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan Forum will explore the topic of student debt. Student debt has been a paramount issue in American politics, particularly in the last 15 years, as tuition prices have been consistently...


The Texan Talks: Student political engagement

October 15, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan Forum will showcase contributions from various students who are working to engage students in the 2016 election. Although we are more than a year away from Election Day, the...


The Texan Talks: Student voices in the campus carry debate

October 8, 2015

The debate over concealed carry on campus has been swirling for years. Intense lobbying efforts have gone into both fighting for and against the legislation in the Texas House and Senate. After many attempts...


The Texan Talks: Student involvement in refugee rights and resettlement

October 1, 2015

In the fifth Daily Texan Forum, we will hear student perspectives and stories of student involvement in refugee rights and resettlement, specifically focusing on the Central Texas area. The Syrian Refugee...


The Texan Talks: Campus safety and security on the 40 Acres

September 24, 2015

In the fourth iteration of The Daily Texan Forum, we will discuss campus safety and security. Always a hot-button issue, campus security has been given new urgency with the release of the AAU survey,...


The Texan Talks: Student theatre and the arts on campus

September 17, 2015

Often, when people think of UT, they think of the petroleum engineering program, the McCombs School of Business or aerospace engineering. But this week, The Daily Texan Forum will focus on student theatre...


The Texan Talks: Transgender rights and advocacy on the 40 Acres

September 10, 2015

When one thinks of LGBTQIA issues, a prominent point is the protracted battle for marriage equality in the United States. In the news these days, after the Supreme Court decision which legalized same-sex...


The Texan Talks: Join The Daily Texan for a forum on Student Government

September 3, 2015

This week, the Daily Texan Forum will focus on Student Government. With the election of Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu, the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue, a contentious vote on divestment...


The Daily Texan can start conversations, set agenda for campus change

August 27, 2015

The Daily Texan is the voice of students on our campus. You may spot a Texan newsstand every morning at your bus stop, see a stack of copies outside of your lecture hall. You may never pick it up, but...


History must not repeat itself for Jefferson Davis statue

August 7, 2015

Last week, the Jefferson Davis statue task force, already worryingly dilatory, announced it would delay the release of its recommendations for 10 days. The recommendations for how President Fenves...


As presidential campaign heats up, voters should take Perry’s remaining indictment charge seriously

August 1, 2015

Former Governor Rick Perry surely rejoiced this week as a criminal charge for coercion of a public servant, one of two charges leveled against him in an indictment last year, was thrown out by an...


UTPD handled West Campus death appropriately

July 24, 2015

On July 17, West Campus resident Stephen Roy Sylvester Jr. was killed, and his boyfriend Bryan Michael Canchola was charged with murder on July 19. Sylvester’s shocking death has shaken the campus...


Early campaigning should be about the people, not just the horserace

July 21, 2015

The Iowa caucuses are around 194 days away, and the Texas primary is around 223 days away, which should leave many wondering why the presidential race seems to be in full swing at such a curiously early...


Juvenile behavior distracts from key issues in Board of Regents saga

July 11, 2015

Regent Wallace Hall’s now two-year-long feud with the University of Texas System Board of Regents keeps escalating in its absurdity, and this week’s closed Board of Regents session was no exception....


Paxton’s religious freedom doctrine sets dangerous precedent

July 3, 2015

The Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on June 26 granting marriage equality to all Americans was a monumental decision, one that has stoked political controversy and raised serious questions within our...


Graffiti should not distract from lack of action on Davis statue

June 27, 2015

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, a hate crime which left nine people (including a state senator) dead, debate has been renewed on Confederate imagery that remains...


Texas politicians need to get serious

June 24, 2015

Texas has long been a colorful state when it comes to politics and larger-than-life political figures. Gov. Ann Richards, who gave her famous speech at the 1988 Democratic Convention, lampooning George...


UT students should get behind Clinton’s universal voting rights proposal

June 12, 2015

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech in South Texas on June 4 in which she lent her support to universal voter registration, a position which few of the professional political class have...


Ted Cruz’s relief funding hypocrisy disappoints

June 5, 2015

Last week, Texas experienced some of the worst flooding seen in decades. Floodwaters inundated large swaths of South and Central Austin, closed nearly half of all Austin-controlled low water crossings,...

Students should not be divisive when engaging with campus issues

May 21, 2015

On May 5, the Progressive Student Organization (PSO) held a panel on campus called “Toxicity of Fraternity Culture.” Participants discussed the pitfalls of the Greek System, including racist...

Unify TX

Student Government should oppose BDS legislation

April 14, 2015

Editor's Note: The Texan received this piece around the same time as Mukund Rathi's piece. They are not intended to be read as a point/counterpoint. At the University of Texas, we pride ourselves...

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