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Fare thee well, Texan

May 6, 2016

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Social Work Council seeks donation for food pantry

May 3, 2016

With their supplies running low, the Social Work Council has been asking the community for donations to replenish the group’s pantry, which provides food for students in need. The council...


UT alumnus wins Pulitzer for Investigative Reporting

May 2, 2016

UT graduate school alumnus Michael Braga, class of 1993, became a recipient of journalism’s top honor on April 18, taking home a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. The winning work exposed...


Law school moderates debate over security, privacy

April 26, 2016

The Texas Federalist Society and the Strauss Center hosted a debate Monday to explore the balance between privacy and security. The event’s title, “FBI vs. Apple”, was derived from...


UT, Beaverton communities come together to raise funds in Haruka Weiser’s honor

April 25, 2016

Following the tragic death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser on campus earlier this month, organizations from both UT and her high school alma mater in Oregon are raising funds to honor her life. Before...


PTS founds bicycle committee to benefit cycling community

April 19, 2016

With scores of bikes crossing campus everyday, Parking and Transportation Services is working to create a council that will help represent UT’s cycling community. Starting with an introductory...


Students deliberate Uber, Lyft ahead of special election

April 18, 2016

With a special election to determine the fate of Uber and Lyft in Austin on the horizon, members of Students for Ridesharing have been tabling across campus, registering students to vote. The May 7...


PTS leaving out impound notices, reminding students to register their bikes

April 12, 2016

With the semester coming to a close, Parking and Transportation Services is leaving tags on certain bikes across campus, reminding their owners to comply with campus rules or risk impoundment. According...


Gun-toting grackle control squad no longer needed at UT

April 5, 2016

Students parking their cars on campus may be upset to find their hoods sullied by the unfortunate evidence of birds perched in the trees above, but there was a time when UT faced the same problem on a...


Art building undergoes roof replacement, phase one to be complete June 1

April 4, 2016

Scaffolding and chain-link fencing continue to surround parts of the art building as UT’s Project Management and Construction Services (PMCS) renovates much of the building’s roofing. PMCS...


Tuition rebates available for eligible undergraduates

March 29, 2016

With graduation right around the corner for the class of 2016, there’s a possibility for seniors to claim enough money to cover a post-graduation roadtrip or a nest egg for their “real adult”...


Moody dean candidate withdraws, citing campus carry

March 28, 2016

Siva Vaidhyanathan, a finalist for deanship of the Moody College of Communication, took himself out of the running in response to the University’s decision on campus carry. Vaidhyanathan became...


OIE finds government professor did not violate non-discrimination policy

March 22, 2016

After investigating complaints regarding an incident between government professor Ami Pedahzur and members of the Palestine Solidarity Committee that occurred in November, the Office for Inclusion and...


PTS urges caution after citing rise in bike thefts

March 8, 2016

Citing a rise in bike theft among the UT community, Parking and Transportation Services is urging students to take precautions to prevent their bikes from being stolen. According to APD crime records,...


Apartment complexes display signs banning open carry

March 7, 2016

Residential complexes near campus have put out signs banning open carry firearms on their properties.  House Bill 910, which became law Jan. 1, allows concealed carry license holders to openly...


Moody sky bridge opening delayed, set to open after spring break

March 3, 2016

The newly constructed Moody sky bridge will not likely open until after spring break because of needed finishing touches, despite a projected Feb. 26 opening date.  Unfinished work on the bridge’s...


Study: Gap years, institution type affects college success

February 29, 2016

Both the time taken before entering college and the type of institution attended have a profound effect on the academic success of students from low-income homes, according to a study recently published...


Exhibit honoring legacy of Barbara Jordan opens in Capitol

February 23, 2016

To commemorate the legacy of the late civil rights legend Barbara Jordan, the Barbara Jordan Freedom Foundation opened an interactive exhibit chronicling her life’s work on Monday, the day after...


Student organizations confront Islamophobia, support refugees during West Mall rally

February 22, 2016

Shouts, flyers and speeches filled the West Mall on Friday evening as seven student organizations held a rally to speak out against Islamophobia and anti-refugee sentiment. Associate professor Snehal...


UT medical branch partners with Brazilian health ministry to create Zika vaccine

February 16, 2016

Hoping to end the onslaught of Zika virus cases throughout Central America, Brazil’s Ministry of Health has formed an agreement with the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston (UTMB) to...


Safe sex advocacy groups provide condoms, cupcakes

February 15, 2016

With International Condom Day on Feb. 13 falling side-by-side with Valentine’s Day, UT students and staff saw an opportunity to advocate for safe sex.  Texas Rising, a student political...


Education professors publish book discussing lesser-known black scholars

February 9, 2016

College of Education associate professors Keffrelyn Brown and Anthony Brown recently published the book “Black Intellectual Thought in Education: The Missing Traditions of Anna Julia Cooper, Carter...


Center for the Study of Race and Democracy will host inaugural conference on race, social policy

February 1, 2016

Seeking to increase research and public engagement on the subject of racial inequality, the University is launching the new Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD) with a two-day conference Feb....

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