Student Government Profile: Connie Tao and Ryan Upchurch


Chelsea Purgahn

Connie Tao and Ryan Upchurch.

Christine Ayala

Connie Tao and Ryan Upchurch plan to improve Student Government meetings and help underrepresented students on campus. Tao is a radio-television-film, finance and business honors junior and Upchurch is a finance junior. 

Tao said they are campaigning to increase attendance at meetings through any means possible.

“We we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that every meeting can actually happen because the reps show up: Chain reps to their chairs, give out free puppies, Mayan sacrifices, tell them there will be a test,” Tao said.

Upchurch said their campaign is aimed at assisting students disadvantaged by their hair color.

“I’m for increased representation of the ginger community’s interests,” Upchurch said. “Millions of gingers suffer from sunburn every year. We deserve to have sunscreen dispensers in every bathroom on campus.”

Tao said they aim to attract other minority groups as well.

“We’re doing this for the Asian girls that fear white guys with Asian fetishes, for the Jews that gave up keeping kosher, for the Harlem Shakers, for the Drag rats and for the girls that really should be working out, but [are] just so busy,” Tao said. “This one’s for you.”

Published on February 15, 2013 as "Meet the candidates".