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'We're trying to get through the day, every day'

‘We’re trying to get through the day, every day’

Morgan Pace April 16, 2021
Contributor Morgan Pace shares how she finds balance as a student athlete.
'But until you live through it, I think it is hard to put into words'

‘But until you live through it, I think it is hard to put into words’

Hannah Kuper April 16, 2021
Contributor Hannah Kuper shares her experiences as a rower.
Student athletes open up

Student athletes open up

Daisy Kielty and Maria Sailale April 16, 2021
In this week's Tiny Texan Stories, student athletes discuss the pressures they face.
Create a Space for Students in Riverside

Create a Space for Students in Riverside

Anthony Doe April 4, 2021
Contributor Anthony Doe urges UT to provide more resources for students living in Riverside.
‘Let’s all protect ourselves and each other’

‘Let’s all protect ourselves and each other’

Huy Le April 1, 2021
Contributor Huy Le takes us through his experience getting the vaccine and tells us everything he learned in the process.
Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine

Daisy Kielty and Maria Sailale April 1, 2021
In this week's forum, we discuss receiving the vaccine and beginning to plan for a hopeful future.
Abriella Corker

The College of Liberal Arts should improve its internship and career resources

Campbell Gill March 22, 2021

Editor's note: This column was submitted to the Texan by a member of the UT community. Students with an interest in the liberal arts must often make an impossible decision: should they study their...


‘Are y’all ready?’ Kiara and Ethan present ‘bold’ platform

Kiara Kabbara and Ethan Jones March 8, 2021

We have been incredibly blessed to serve in numerous leadership positions at UT where we have been charged with advocating and amplifying the voice of UT students. We recognize that UT’s current...


Lopez and Buffa are putting the U in UT

We are Javier Lopez and Danielle Buffa, and we want to make UT your university.  We are not former members of Student Government. We are members of the student body. We understand what it is like...


GQ Executive Alliance wants to redefine UT Student Government

The purpose of the GQ Executive Alliance is to give power back to the students. What do we mean by this? After asking dozens of students both on and off campus, we discovered that almost 80% of polled...


Dwight and Domanique focus on accessibility, inclusion, transparency

When we began this journey to run for president and vice president, we had no idea what to expect. For some time now, Student Government seemed like this inaccessible resource that was only available for...


Working to end the use of the R-word on campus

Annie Reckart March 5, 2021

I am the advocacy director for Longhorn Best Buddies, an organization that is centered around advocacy, friendship and employment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best...