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Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Texan. Applications for the Spring 2024 semester may be accessed here. They will close on January 29th, 2024 at 11:59 PM CST. Hiring decisions will be released by February 1st, 2024 at noon. If you have questions about the application process, please email associate managing editors Amelia Kimball ([email protected]) or Ireland Blouin ([email protected]). Alternatively, if you’re interested in the opinion department, email [email protected].

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All roads lead to us. The news department covers student issues on campus, University policy, the UT administration, city policies affecting students, and so much more. Come help us break news. No experience required.

Position: General reporter


Whether you play sports or just like sports, join us if you want to report about all things athletics and the people who participate in them. Help us top this headline — yes, we printed that. Do we regret it? Nope. No experience required.

Position: Sports reporter


Come here to write about the finer things in life and express your thoughts on the arts — as well as explore the human aspect behind the news. We’ve delved into students’ notable business ventures, movie reviews, on-campus exhibits, and everything in between. Did a new book move you? Write about it in a review! Better yet, conduct a Q&A with the people behind the art. No experience required.

Position: L&A reporter


Make yourself heard at the opinion department! It includes columnists, cartoonists and editors who work to contribute and solicit columns from the community. The department’s work serves a dual purpose: to reflect and further inform the opinions of the University community. We want you to tell things how they are and represent UT and its community as the semester progresses. No experience required.

Positions: Opinion columnist, opinion illustrator 


The projects department is the Texan’s investigative team. Staffers take a deeper look into the issues, events and history of the UT community. Projects reporters find those stories as well as look into tips from the UT community. On top of writing and extensive interviewing, this position requires completing public information requests and analyzing data sets. No experience required.

Position: General Projects Reporter


Photographers capture visual content to supplement News, Sports and Life and Arts stories on a daily basis. They also have the opportunity to work on long-term multimedia projects independent from other departments and produce photo spreads, slideshows and work on special projects. No experience required, though familiarity with camera settings is a plus. Tryouts will be required to have access to their own equipment for the tryout period.

Position: Staff photographer


The video department produces videos that go alongside reports from other departments while also tackling separate standalone projects. Apply to the video department to create interesting content that bolster the Texan’s online presence. Tryouts will be required to independently film and edit a video. No experience is required, and students outside of journalism and radio-television-film programs are encouraged to apply.

Position: Staff videographer


Print journalism? In this age? We coordinate The Daily Texan’s social media accounts to maximize our outreach. Social media staffers write daily posts for our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — which boasts the largest following among all college media. If you think you have a good online voice and a good handle on what our audience wants to know, this is the perfect department for you. No experience required.

Position: Social media staffer


The newsletters team writes copy for the digital front page of the Texan and keeps an engaged audience up to date with daily briefings, weekly updates and the latest reports on sports news. Ideal candidates will be able to write fast and keep their words sharp and catchy. Newsletters writers work once a week writing for one of our three newsletters. No experience required.

Position: Newsletters writer


Is graphic design actually your passion? Do you hate Comics Sans and Papyrus irrationally? Is Adobe CC all you need in life? Join your like-minded brethren here. Issue designers work one night a week designing satisfying, cohesive pages in the paper. Come make show-stopping spreads and creative infographics with us! No experience required, though it is a plus if you’re familiar with InDesign.

Position: Issue designer


If rules and structure define your life, you belong at the backbone of the paper. Let out your inner urge to constantly correct people! Staff copy editors are responsible for fact-checking stories and reading for AP style, grammar and spelling. Copy staffers work to strengthen content across all departments and gain skills in writing headlines and editing. No experience required, but familiarity with AP style and being a Virgo are pluses.

Position: Copy editor


Got a voice for radio? Narrate the news at the audio department! We provide clips and embeds that supplement storytelling for other departments, work on special projects and produce podcasts with weekly content and analysis. Find us on SoundCloud and Spotify. No experience required, but knowledge of audio editing software and/or broadcast journalism is a plus.

Position: Audio producer


The comics department focuses primarily on the daily comics, filling the section with new, original content produced by comics artists. Artists’ work may include comics for the printed page or for the website. Illustrators provide other departments, such as News, Opinion and Life and Arts, with illustrations that accompany their stories. All artists, animators and illustrators welcome. No experience required.

Position: Comics artist 


The Texan en Español department, which was established in fall 2022, is a team that translates relevant breaking news, community related, and otherwise vital stories into Spanish. Staffers will be required to translate at least one story (within one day) per week. Fluency in Spanish is required.  

Position: Translator 

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