ZBT mural updated with new depictions

Anthony Green

A backyard mural painted by members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, commonly known as ZBT, was painted over last week with other provocative images.

The new depictions were displayed at the fraternity’s annual “Pat O’Brien’s” party hosted Saturday. The images included a woman clothed in a bra and jeans bending over with an armed gunman firing a missile toward the woman to the words “REP ANAL.” Other depictions involved an illuminated “Kazi Osbourne” sign advertising a bar serving kamikaze shots and a graffitied wall with the words “Chinese Whore House” next to a door leading to an unknown room.

The office of the dean of students is currently investigating ZBT members for the production of the original murals. The office was not available for comment. 

The murals are a part of the many decorations on wooden platforms placed in the ZBT yard, which were designed and created by newly inducted members of ZBT. Fraternity officials declined to comment.

The ZBT members responsible for the mural’s previous depictions are currently going through hearings conducted by the chapter judicial board, with a sentence to be delivered soon. 

The former depictions included sexually graphic images involving children’s television characters and U.S. Army veterans. 

Clarification: The Dean of Students is currently looking into Zeta Beta Tau fraternity through an informal investigation.

"We are engaging in an open and ongoing conversation with the organization," said Elizabeth Medina, assistant dean of students who handles discourse involving Greek life, when asked to comment on the Office's actions.