Filing period opens for upcoming SG elections

Nicole Cobler

Monday marked the first day students hoping to get elected to Student Government could begin filing for candidacy.

Among the first-day filers are two pairs of executive alliances vying to be the student body president and vice president this upcoming year.

SG’s external finance director Kornel Rady and University-wide representative Taylor Strickland will be forming one alliance, while University-wide representatives Kenton Wilson and Caroline Carter will be forming another one.

Rady and Strickland are communication studies seniors. Wilson is a government senior and Carter is a marketing, international relations and global studies senior.

The filing period will continue through Feb. 11. Students can file to run for an executive alliance, a University-wide representative or a college representative. Once the filing period closes, the official campaign season begins as candidates are forbidden campaign until that point.

Election day will be Feb. 26 and Feb. 27.