Gene Vela, graduate public affairs student, charged with four crimes for standoff

Julia Brouillette

Gene Vela, the public affairs graduate student involved in an armed standoff with two Austin police officers Nov. 10, now faces four separate charges.

Vela is slated for two different court dates and has been charged with terroristic threat, unlawful carrying of a weapon and two counts of aggravated assault against a public servant, according to the Travis County criminal court docket.

Steven Brand, a prosecuting attorney for the District Attorney’s Office, said Vela has remained in custody since his arrest.

One of Vela’s two bonds was increased from $100,000 to $250,000. The second bond was reduced from $500,000 to $250,000, Brand said.

According to the police affidavit, Vela was shot in the torso after he aimed his handgun at two officers from the window of his apartment.

“He has two different ‘aggravated assault against a public servant’ charges, one for each officer he aimed his gun at,” Brand said.

Vela is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 24 and Jan. 31.