Rady, Strickland campaign inspired by personal experiences

Nicole Cobler

Kornel “Kori” Rady, a government and corporate communications senior, said he hopes to represent as many different student groups as possible, which drew him to selecting corporate communications junior Taylor Strickland as his vice presidential candidate.

“I wanted to get together with someone who is different from myself and can make the University a better place,” Rady said. “Taylor was the obvious choice.”

Strickland said her involvement in Black Student Alliance, the African American Culture committee, Texas Dance and Student Government would help to ensure every student group has an equal voice.

“Sometimes communities just get left out,” said Strickland, who also serves as a Univeristy-wide representative for SG. “There’s no excuse for it. We plan on meeting with these members and seeing what they want on campus and what they want out of their college experience.”

The executive alliance candidates’ platform focuses on student life, safety and transportation, academics and civic engagement. 

Rady said he referenced his own personal experiences at UT when creating his platform points. His initiative to expand the URide program to reach more neighborhoods began when a drunk driver hit a friend from his hometown. Rady said although he draws inspiration from his own personal experiences, he encourages students to reach out to him and voice
their concerns.

“It’s not about [Strickland] and [Rady]. It’s about UT,” Rady said.

Strickland said one of the platform goals she is excited to work toward is expanding the student section at games. 

“There have been many times where me and my friends are separated in our seating,” Strickland said. “All of our platforms are from experiences we’ve had or our friends have had.”