SG governing document under review

Eleanor Dearman

Student Government members will review their updated governing document at the SG meeting Tuesday.

The governing document has been in the revisal process since May to remove contradictions and add clarity.

Sergio Cavazos, College of Liberal Arts representative, who is in charge of making all proposed edits, said he finished making the changes this weekend and submitted them to the clerk of the assembly.

According to Cavazos, the document will be reviewed at Tuesday’s meeting and then given to the Rules and Regulations Committee to solidify the changes. Cavazos said he expects their review process to take two weeks because of the document’s size and importance.

“It’s not just another piece of legislation,” Cavazos said. “It’s something that is going to serve our organization for the future and that we need to ensure is something everybody agrees on.”

Cavazos said SG members will vote on the final document once it has been reviewed by the committee. He said, if it is approved with a two-thirds majority, the policies will be implemented and given to the Office of the Dean of Students for further review.

In August, the Office of Legal Affairs ruled that releasing interview notes for internal and external positions is a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Previously, the SG Judicial Court ruled the interview notes needed to be released, invalidating internal and external appointments made in April. The positions were officially refilled at an SG meeting last Tuesday. Cavazos said SG members decided to leave the current rule requiring the release of interview notes in the document and, instead, address the change in a separate bill.

“We agreed that, because this document isn’t made to necessarily change any functions of Student Government — it’s just made to provide us with a foundation to operate properly — if any changes are going to be made specifically to that process, it’s going to be made [into] its own bill in the future,” Cavazos said.

Cavazos said other changes include a more detailed description of the assembly’s role and the addition of an assembly review process. According to Cavazos, the assembly will also change the order of the agenda for SG meetings by moving SG reports to the end and new, unfinished business to the beginning.