Pointe on Rio apartment building postpones move-in day for third time

Samantha Ketterer

A full five months after their original move-in date, leaseholders at Pointe on Rio have been told they will have to wait until three days before classes begin to move into their new apartments. Managers at Pointe on Rio had already postponed move-in day twice, after originally promising would-be residents that the apartments would open in mid-August.

The building’s original move-in date, in August, before the school year started, was initially delayed to October because of construction delays. Future residents were notified in September that move-in would be pushed back to Jan. 10.

According to an email sent to leaseholders Wednesday, the move-in date for residents has been pushed back again, to Jan. 17. Pointe on Rio management declined to comment, but an email to leaseholders cited “longer than anticipated delays with the City’s inspections” as the reason for the change.

“I have been very frustrated with the entire process,” government sophomore and leaseholder Allison Peregory said. “The most recent delay didn’t even come as a surprise, but it is still irritating that I won’t be moving into my apartment until three days before classes start.”

Following the news of the first move-in delay, Pointe officials gave residents the option of opting out of their contract, finding other self-funded accommodations or living rent-free at Dobie Center.

According to an email sent Jan. 7, residents must pay first month’s rent upon move-in, but management senior and leaseholder Khiere Simmons said he and other leaseholders have complained about paying a full month’s rent without having lived in the building for a full month.

Simmons said he was told he cannot opt out of his lease without paying a fee.

Earlier in the month, Pointe on Rio management said it was still optimistic about a Jan. 10 move-in day. On Jan. 7, they confirmed this date was not feasible and extended the delay.

Simmons said he is worried he and other would-be Pointe residents won’t have housing if Pointe continues to delay their move-in day.

“I think everyone is pretty tired, living in a dorm instead of apartments, and with postponing the move-in dates,” Simmons said. “The only frustrating thing I’m starting to feel is how they’re dealing with the situation. They keep throwing people for loops.”