Executive alliance candidates use baby goats for votes

Eleanor Dearman

Executive alliance candidates Xavier Rotnofsky and Rohit Mandalapu used kids to gain votes Tuesday — baby goats, that is.

Hundreds of students lined up at the Student Activity Center to see the baby goats that members of the Sustainable Dairy Goat Initiative (SDGI) brought to campus.

Each student donated a dollar to hold the goats, and the proceeds are going toward donating dairy goats to Colonia families in need.

“Our ultimate goal is to get 30 or 40 families together and united into a dairy cooperative,” said Samuel Garcia, SDGI member and business honors and marketing junior.

Rotnofsky and Mandalapu worked the event by quizzing guests with goat trivia and assembling barber shop quartets.

“We do support what SDGI is doing, and people really responded well to it,” Rotnofsky said. “We support baby goats on campus.”