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October 4, 2022

Bryce Seifert, Video Editor: 2013–2015

Daulton Venglar

Bryce Seifert, former Daily Texan video editor, was found completely exhausted on the floor of the Daily Texan office Friday. He was 20 years old.

Seifert served as a videographer at the paper for two years and as the video editor for like six months, but he will probably round up on his LinkedIn profile. He is survived by over 90 videos he helped create during his time at the Texan. He sincerely regrets the “Bananas” and “Ice Cream Taste Test” videos.

Seifert’s career at the paper began as a wide-eyed freshman who accidentally scheduled a meeting in the office where he was accidentally offered a job. He then accidentally continued to make videos for the paper covering such divisive topics as the Jefferson Davis statue, campus carry and how many calories are in a 7-Eleven Double Gulp.

A longtime staffer, Seifert was well known for disrupting meetings to make stupid jokes and also for winning third place in the staff Ping-Pong bracket. Among his staff, he is fondly remembered for his late-night texts asking, “Seriously, who has our
SD cards?”

After hearing about Bryce’s condition, managing editor Jack Mitts said, “Sounds about right.”

Seifert thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Texan even though he knows absolutely nothing about journalism and is still not sure if they knew that when they hired him. Despite being “completely, utterly exhausted,” Seifert ensures he had fun.

Before his stint of exhaustion, Seifert noted that he hopes the video department will continue to become an increasingly prominent presence at the paper.

“Who really wants to read articles in 2015 when they can watch videos?” Seifert said.

At press time, it was unclear if they would let him publish this statement.

The viewing will be held Friday afternoon in the beloved Daily Texan basement. In lieu of flowers, Seifert’s coworkers and friends are asking that you just put the Daily Texan’s YouTube channel on repeat to artificially rack up views on our content.


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Bryce Seifert, Video Editor: 2013–2015