SG, Senate advance legislation improving access to class info

Paul Cobler

Registration proves to be one of the most stressful times of the school year for many students, and Student Government and the Senate of College Councils are trying to ease the strain on their constituents. 

On Tuesday, SG passed a joint resolution in support of adding a tab to the UT registration web page allowing students to view past syllabi for classes. The resolution addresses an issue resolution author Jonathan Dror said he has always dealt with when registering at UT.

“As a freshman, that was when I first discovered the process is very difficult,” said Dror, the SG external finance director. “I’ve yet to meet a student that loves every aspect of registration. Whether you have to wake up early or join a waitlist — it’s just a lot, and I think it can benefit every student on campus.”

By adding the tab, Dror said he hopes to cut down on the number of individual pages students need to have open during the registration process. Past syllabi for courses were previously available, just hard to access for students, Dror said.

The resolution is a joint resolution between SG and Senate, and was passed by Senate Oct. 6. SG President Kevin Helgren said having the support of both groups amplifies the voice of the legislative student assemblies to the University administration.

“We as students often fail to recognize the weight that our voices carry in the eyes of the administration,” Helgren said. “Having a resolution passed through one of the Legislative Student Organizations is a positive thing, but when you amplify the voice by having all three of the LSOs or even two of them on board will also amplify the impact it could feasibly make. I think the more passionate voices you have rallying behind one cause, the greater and more impactful of a change you’ll be able to make.”

As an underclassman, psychology junior Kristen Macias said the resolution’s intentions are helpful.

“I definitely appreciate the student government trying to do that,” Macias said. “Especially with the past syllabus thing, it’s definitely something I would use. I definitely have thought about that before, and how I wish there was a way to go straight from the website to look at it.”