Trump chooses former Texas governor Rick Perry for energy secretary

Sarah Philips

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen former Texas governor Rick Perry as his energy secretary, the New York Times confirmed Tuesday night.

Perry served as Texas governor from 2001 to 2015. He ran for president two times, once in 2012 and once in 2016. He dropped out of the 2016 presidential race, and while initially acted critical of Trump’s campaign, supported and endorsed the nominee in May.

During Perry’s first presidential run in 2012, he famously said “oops” during one of the debates after forgetting the third governmental agency he wanted to get rid of after the education and commerce departments. This last department he wished to dismantle ended up being the energy department, which he will now be leading if he is confirmed by the Senate. After being one of the frontrunners in 2012, the “oops” moment was considered the gaffe that cost him the nomination.

Perry graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in animal science, according to the New York Times. He was born in Paint Creek, Texas, and served in the Air Force. Perry was originally appointed lieutenant governor by former Texas governor George W. Bush and then assumed the governorship once Bush was elected president. After that, he ran two successful campaigns for Texas governor, making him the longest running governor in state history.