Six reasons Riverside is better than West Campus, according to Twitter

Sabrina Martinez

If you’ve ever lived in West Campus, there was probably a time when you’ve hated it. The proximity to campus is nice but at what cost? West campus is crowded with people and construction, parking is a nightmare, it’s expensive and waiting for the elevator is annoying if you’re already late for class.

Riverside gets a bad rep since it is about a 15 minute bus ride (or 45 minutes if it's 5:00 pm and you’re stuck in traffic), but it’s affordability and close proximity to HEB and other amenities make the distance worth it. If you still believe that West Campus is better, here are six reasons why Riverside is far superior.

1. Riverside has the best authentic tacos. Sorry everyone, but Torchy's Tacos are not real tacos. Neither is Taco Bell.

2. West Campus isn’t as neat and clean as the brochures make it out to be. It’s actually really messy.

3. The view of the city from the boardwalk in Riverside is enough to motivate you to run.

4. There is always something weird to see in Riverside.

5. Riverside is a sweet getaway from the chaos.

6. You can jam, mosh and even cry at Emo’s events.