Projects editor retires as greatest of all time

Paul Cobler

Over the course of the past three years, every time I’ve walked into the musty, ant-filled basement office of The Daily Texan, I’ve felt lucky. Not because of the time I’ve been fortunate enough to spend at the Texan, but for the work I’ve gotten to see.

As a senior reporter in the news department my first semester at the Texan, I took a while to grow into my role as campus reporter. Luckily, I had Forrest as my news editor, who oversaw a fantastic department that constantly left me in awe of its breaking news coverage and tenacity. He also turned out to be a great friend, and he’s going to be an even better managing editor.

After a semester away, I knew I had to come back. As a news desk editor, I was constantly amazed with the quality of work that I got to edit. Stories like London’s investigation into counseling fees and Will’s look at Greg Fenves’ extraordinary power as the president of UT made me feel like I was part of something that would positively impact members of the UT community for years.

But these last few months, I have felt luckier than ever before to be working at the Texan. My proudest moments as a journalist have come during my time as projects editor. Watching Kayla, Morgan, Lisa and Lisa investigate, write and fight with me through edits is the greatest privilege I’ve had during my young career as a journalist. Also, Maria’s efforts as diversity coordinator are some of the most important at the Texan. I know they’ll all be successful at anything they do in life, not because they’re great journalists, but because they’re good people.

The Daily Texan was the publication where I started my career, and I always be thankful for that. But this paper also serves the UT community, striving to make it a better place for every person who calls themself a Longhorn. I am lucky to know so many talented people who all work for that goal: Catherine, whose personality and leadership make late nights editing bearable; Kirsten, a good ping pong player, but a great copy editor; Ellie, the best managing editor The Daily Texan has ever had, who I know will claim the same title for projects editor by the end of next semester.

My time at the Texan has been short compared to the long history of the paper, but I am so grateful to have had a small part in its legacy. I watched so many wonderful people produce so much incredible journalism. I am so lucky, and I will never forget the contributions this paper makes for the school I love.