Former photo editor almost forgets to write headline in time

Carlos Garcia

I’m finally here. I’m finally writing my damn 30. It’s weird because I’ve dreamed about what I wanted to say in this blank space for the longest time. I thought about writing a song, making some jokes, even writing a couple of cheesy haikus. To be honest, I still don’t know what to say, so I’m just going to speak from the heart and hope that this makes sense along the way.

The Daily Texan has saved my life. I mean that literally. This place gave me a home and for someone who has felt lost for so long, I’m grateful for the countless hours I’ve spent here making fun of Anthony and destroying Kirsten in ping-pong. In all seriousness, I’m thankful and honored to have found a family at the 40 Acres.

Joining this shitty-ass paper has been the best decision I’ve have ever made. From concerts to chaotic protests, every moment I spent photographing here is a moment that I will carry forever. 

On to the shout-outs:

Peter, thanks for being our biggest cheerleader. Your constant words of encouragement have really brightened up the rat-infested place.

To my photo editor predecessors, I only hope to grow and become half the photographer you guys were. I’m honored that y’all set the bar so high and gave me something to work towards during my time here. Juan, I love you man. Thanks for being a great friend and an even greater inspiration. Zoe, I hope to be as kind as you one day. Thanks for letting Juan take me in, and I swear I took off my shoes every time. Josh, you a real one, I’ll see you at the Billboard’s one day! Cano, I still can’t believe you lost those Weezer pictures.

To the beautiful ladies from EP, Chuco town OGs! Social media squad, Alex and Tirza, it was real fam. We killed it, no cap. Briana, thank you for convincing me to join this hellhole. Angel, thanks for following me into this hellhole.

Katie and Anthony, this year wouldn’t be the same without you guys. You guys have helped me through my worst and I couldn’t thank you guys enough. It’s because of you guys that you made my final semester a fantastic one.

Eddie and Angela, never change. You guys are the epitome of great photographers and I can’t wait to see what you guys do.

Alex, Ross, Cameron, Keshav, Kirsten, JT, you guys are the realest. You guys made coming back to the basement seem less like a chore. 

Ellie, Forrest and Catherine, I don’t know why y’all hired me but thanks for the opportunity. I hope I didn’t disappoint as much as most of your parties did.

To you, thanks for pushing me to become better and reminding me to never take a moment for granted. Here's to the rest of the story.

Anyways, my time is up. I love you 3000, Texan.