Q&A: UT-Austin freshman Marcos Flores shares tips on how to gain confidence through his Motivational Monday series

Sofia Treviño

Standing in front of a camera tripod in front of the UT Tower or in his dorm in Jester, business freshman Marcos Flores shares tips on how to gain confidence through his Motivational Monday series on his Instagram TV, @marcos._ff. Flores encourages his followers to embrace awkward situations and shares his experience with managing anxiety during social interactions.

The Daily Texan spoke with Flores about developing social skills, creating positive habits and giving his followers a safe space through his platform.

The Daily Texan: Can you elaborate on what your Motivational Monday series is about and what message you aim to convey through that?

Marcos Flores: Something I’ve struggled with, and something I still try to work on, is confidence. I was so scared to post a video on Instagram. But then I said something along the lines of, “I don’t care what people think about me. I’m going to express confidence.” That gave me the strength to post my first Motivational Monday over the past summer and then from then on, my confidence has gotten higher.

DT: When you film outside around people, do you worry about what other people think?

MF: I would say so because … these people (might) think I’m weird that I’m filming something. But then I think about it like this: What happens if I were in their shoes? If I saw someone doing this? In my opinion, I’d be so intrigued and curious. I know not everyone thinks the same, but that still gives me confidence to keep recording.

DT: Why is it important for you to help people gain confidence?

MF: Confidence is important because it’s really where you feel your best and your 100% self and where you can enjoy life to the fullest. If you’re less confident, you’re missing out on that opportunity of being happy. Confidence helps with an overall better lifestyle and mindset.

DT: What are your future aspirations for your business degree?

MF: The whole reason I chose business was because I used to work at Chick-Fil-A. I was there for over two years, and it really opened up my eyes to the idea of running a business and creating a team culture. I want people to feel like they want to work and that it’s something they’re excited about. I hope to eventually own my own Chick-Fil-A store and work at Chick- Fil-A corporate. I really want to stay with Chick-Fil-A because they’ve done a lot for me, and I want to do a lot for them.

DT: How does your background of being a first-generation college student affect your mindset of wanting to help others?

MF: Something I like saying at the end of my videos is “todo es posible” (anything is possible). My parents were born in Mexico and then they came here, but they didn’t go to college. I think it just shows that with perseverance, a lot is possible. I was the first person in my family to go to college, let alone UT-Austin, an amazing school. You shouldn’t limit yourself — whatever you want to accomplish, you can accomplish. I feel … a sense of pride with both my parents being from Mexico, and (it) makes me want to push even harder.