Six spots for new Austin foodies

Zoe Tzanis, Life and Arts Desk Editor

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the August 23 flipbook.

Despite our differences, three truths unite UT students, staff and alumni: We need food, we like food and when it comes to food, we want the best bang for our buck.

To help everyone, from veterans to newcomers, enjoy the UT food scene, The Daily Texan compiled a list of the six best spots around campus to try during the first weeks of the semester. 

Don’s Japanese Kitchen

Known for his authentic Japanese classics and modern fusions, Don remains a campus legend. Located in the parking lot behind the Co-Op, you can spot students lined up for Don’s best-selling dish: the customizable “Don” bowl.

According to electrical engineering sophomore Sarah Dickerson, nothing beats Don’s exquisite food and kind attitude.

“Everyone on campus loves him,” Dickerson said. “Their line is an hour-long, so you have to get there a little before they open.”


The irresistible scent of homemade waffles wafts from Chick’nCone’s front doors, reeling in a steady stream of hungry longhorns. A fairly new addition to Guadalupe, their signature dish, a handheld chicken and waffles, comes with air-fried chicken wrapped in a soft waffle cone.

Need that extra sweet kick? They mix their milkshakes with crunchy waffle pieces. 

UT alumnus Anthony Matthews, known on Instagram as @thehungrylonghorn, said he enjoys their simplistic aesthetic and inventive take on a Texan classic. He suggests newcomers try the traditional cinna-maple flavor.

UTea Pho

UTea Pho’s affordability, friendly staff and traditional Vietnamese offerings, like pho and vermicelli, make the restaurant a hidden gem of West Campus.

Finance sophomore Emily Vo said she loves UTea Pho’s accessibility and authenticity.

“I feel like Austin doesn’t have a lot of Asian food, so I think that it’s really cool that there’s one so close to campus,” Vo said. “I personally love almost everything they have.”

Roppolo’s Pizzeria

Austinites know Roppolo’s at 26th and Guadelupe for their gigantic, bigger-than-your-face Sicilian-style pizzas. Serving both traditional and specialty pies, Roppolo’s provides options for all pizza lovers.

When she’s hungry and on a budget, government sophomore Jailyn Serrano said she always goes to Roppolo’s.

“You get a lot of bang for your buck there,” Serrano said. “$5 for a huge slice of pizza is a pretty good deal, and the pizza is so good. ”

Kerbey Lane Cafe

Offering quality queso, burgers and all-day breakfast, the Kerbey Lane Cafe at 26th and Guadalupe serves as a second home for many UT students. 

With a comfortable environment for any situation: a dinner with parents, a meet-up with friends or even a first date, Kerbey’s booths are ripe for memory-making. 

Music studies sophomore Jaxon Jedele calls Kerbey an Austin staple.

“It really fits a unique vibe with the art on the walls,” Jedele said. “I really love the chicken and pancakes.”

JP’s Pancake Company 

Located at 26th and Rio Grande, JP’s made history as Austin’s first-ever pancake food truck. 

Owner, JP Udenenwu, calls himself a “pancake-ologist.” He serves BYOB (Build-your-own bowl) pancakes and specialties, such as “The Hayley,” a tower of handmade milk chocolate chip pancakes coated with peanut butter, Nutella, honey and bananas.