The Texan needs your perspective

Sanika Nayak , Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared as part of the August 23 flipbook.

Here at The Daily Texan, we’ve strived to serve the UT community since 1900. Along the way, we’ve managed to garner a semesterly staff of over 300 people, generate more Pulitzer prize winners than any other college newspaper and boast an impressive reputation as the most award-winning college publication in the nation.   

But we could do better. 

Here at The Daily Texan, we strive to serve the UT community better than we have before. And we want you to be a part of our mission to do so. 

For the last 121 years, the Texan has established itself as an integral part of the University’s legacy. Through the years, our newsroom has grown and changed with the help of our student staff and student readers. We’ve made mistakes in the past that must be acknowledged — we’ve alienated groups on campus through insensitive coverage and been inaccessible to those who want to join. No amount of prestige can erase that. We can, and we must, do better. 

This paper is made by students, for students. It always has been. But the students producing the paper and those who consume it must reflect everyone in the UT community. That starts with an inclusive newsroom, one that welcomes you and inspires you to join us in our basement office. You have a place at the Texan and ownership of the publication as a member of the UT community. 

There’s no precursor to applying. You don’t need to be a journalism major, have press experience or even be a writer. No matter your skills, there’s likely to be something at the Texan that suits your interests. 

If you’re keen on activism and advocacy, join me in the opinion department. You’ll find like-minded people interested in improving the University for all students. We tackle the issues you care about, and aim to amplify the voices of student organizers to help spark real change on campus. 

If you love to work at a fast and furious pace and care about keeping students up to speed, check out the news department. Keeping the campus community informed is one of our most important tasks. We often cover breaking news events and do our best to keep students in the loop about the events that affect them. 

Are student life, music and movies your thing? Interested in interviewing the occasional celebrity? Consider joining the life and arts section, where you’ll write features galore and cover niche topics in the student community. 

If you’ve always been into sports, come cover games and all things Texas Athletics at our diligent sports department. We care just as much about telling the stories of the people in the sports arena as the final box score.

Our publication isn’t all about writing, however. If creative work is more your speciality, look into our design department, which ensures each flipbook’s layout is easy to read and produces wonderful graphics to go alongside stories.

Is the inner artist in you screaming to be seen? Consider our brilliant comics department to put your talents to use, or the opinion illustrator team to inventively portray a written argument through digital art. If you’ve got a knack for catching small errors, love correcting grammar and believe that the devil’s in the details, join the copy department, fittingly known as the backbone of the paper. 

I’m not done just yet. Are you most comfortable with a camera in your hands? Check out the photo department to keep your photography skills sharp by taking pictures of events, people, games and more.  Our video department also offers countless opportunities to capture meaningful stories on film. 

If you prefer to be off-camera but love to tell stories through conversation, the audio department has what you’re looking for. For those interested in creating connections with the student community, our social media and newsletter departments are the perfect place to engage with others. 

Last, but certainly not least, our stellar diversity and inclusion department is for those passionate about making the newsroom a more equitable and inclusive atmosphere. The work they do is absolutely essential to ensuring that our coverage is respectful to underrepresented groups on campus and that the Texan is available to everyone. 

As editor-in-chief, I want to create a space that feels welcoming to all, a space that gives you the same community it gave me. Consider applying, and tell us what we can do to make the newsroom more accessible to you. If you can’t apply, follow our work and let us know how we can be better. Whether it’s by being a part of the staff or as an avid content consumer, the Texan would be grateful for your perspective.

Nayak is a speech, language, and hearing sciences major from Austin, Texas. She is the editor-in-chief.