Broken ice cream machine in Kinsolving Dining Hall causes frustration among students

Itza Martinez, News Reporter

The ice cream machine in Kinsolving Dining Hall could start working again as early as next week after being out of service all semester, said Mynor Rivera, director of dining operations. 

Students who eat in Kinsolving said they are frustrated they are not getting all of the benefits that they pay for with the meal plan. Rivera said University Housing and Dining is facing supply chain issues that have made ice cream for the machines unavailable. 

“We’re trying to work together to make sure we get everything down here for everybody,” Rivera said. “I’m thinking about when we can resolve this, but it’s not in my hands.”

Rivera said only vanilla and chocolate flavors are expected to be available, but not swirl. He said the machines might start working next week, but it could take until the end of the month. 

Advertising freshman Stephanie Silva said she took out additional loans to cover the housing and dining expenses, so she is frustrated that she cannot make full use of her meal plan.

“I’ve seen other (drink) machines in the dining hall out of order,” Silva said. “So, where’s my money going if it’s not for machines?”

Rivera said the supply chain issues have caused some soda flavors to be out of stock in the drink machines. 

Psychology freshman Karina Tolkov said the University advertised the dining hall’s ice cream machines on campus tours and she is upset that it is not available. 

“The fact that they’re not working kind of seems like false advertising,” Tolkov said. “We’re paying a lot of money for a meal plan that I believe should provide what they advertise to provide on tours, and on the website and pictures online.” 

Silva said she did not know there was an ice cream machine in the dining hall since it has not worked this semester. She said the cost of meal plans should be lowered since there have been so many issues with products being out of order. 

“(The meal plan) is supposed to cover … luxuries like that,” Silva said. “So why keep charging us so much, if we won’t have half of those things that were guaranteed through what we’re paying?”