The Daily Texan predicts the biggest Halloween costumes of 2021

Avery Hough, Life & Arts General Reporter

Each year, pop culture inspires Halloween’s most well-liked and enjoyable costumes. In 2021, iconic looks emerged from hit shows and movies, such as Netflix’s “Squid Game,” and superhero epics, such as “WandaVision” and “Black Widow.” The Daily Texan compiled a list of predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes of 2021. 

“Squid Game”

This cultural phenomenon enchanted audiences across the world with extreme action and daunting cliffhangers. After only a few weeks, “Squid Game” became Netflix’s most popular non-English show to date. “Squid Game” players wear a simple green sweatsuit paired with a note card indicating a number between one and 456. The show’s mysterious guards will likely also make a popular costume. They wear a red hoodie and a full-coverage face mask adorned with a square, triangle or circle.  


Released in January, “WandaVision” still lives on in the hearts of audiences everywhere. As Wanda ascends through iconic decades throughout the show, she provides tons of inspiration to imitate this Halloween. A standout character, fans will immediately recognize Agatha Harkness by her iconic bright purple ensemble and devilish smile. And for those bold enough to paint their bodies red, the Halloween costume Vision wears will catch the eye of trick-or-treaters everywhere. 


A simple black baseball cap, white t-shirt and jacket suffice to portray Joe Goldberg from “You.” While easy to put together, this costume can have a big, recognizable effect, especially since the third season of “You” released this October. Stay alert! The Texan predicts a lot of stalkers roaming around this Halloween. 


The 2021 release “Cruella” gave the classic Disney villain updated fashion. Choices range from the dramatic red dress Cruella wears in the movie to the classic white and black spots. Thanks to the new “Cruella,” the iconic villain costume now comes in kids sizes too. 

Cowboys and Cowgirls

With the emergence of southern-style boots in high fashion, cowboys and cowgirls will likely  roam the streets this Halloween. The Texan predicts cute cowboy hats, chaps, leather and fringe. With the emergence of cow print as a fad in 2021, a cowboy might pair well with a cute cow costume. 

“Black Widow” 

Black Widow starred in her own movie this year, providing new looks for fans to replicate. Natasha’s sleek white jumper from “Black Widow” will make an enticing costume for many trick-or-treaters. Black Widow’s sister, Yelena, may inspire some to put on a black vest and play a hero for the night. Additionally, David Harbour’s Red Guardian costume will provide a more comedic choice.

Harley Quinn 

Harley returned to the big screen with a red ball gown in the newest “Suicide Squad.” Whether fans dress as the new variation, the extravagant “Birds of Prey” costume or adopt the iconic blonde dip-dyed pigtails; Harley Quinn provides a costume to look forward to every year. Who wouldn’t want to be Margot Robbie for a night?