The best, worst Halloween candy

Jade Emerson

As students return to reality facing a grueling Monday after the haze of Halloweekend, Halloween candy prices drop to clearance rates. 

Whether it’s for a sugar high stash to help through midterms or to stock up for Friendsgiving, The Daily Texan ranked Halloween candies from worst to best to help Longhorns sort out which to buy and which to leave on the shelf. 

  1. Candy pumpkins

Candy pumpkins are everything wrong with candy corn — but to the extreme. Wrapped up in a deceptively cute shape, candy pumpkins beckon teeth-aching sweetness and no detectable flavor. It’s a pass on this one. 

  1. Milky Way

This may not be the worst thing in your Halloween bag, but don’t reach for this unless there’s nothing better. Although a large improvement from the Midnight Dark Chocolate variation, Milky Way holds the honorary title of being the last candy left in the bowl. 

  1. Hershey bar

Classic? Undeniable. Bland? Potentially. Unless a Hershey bar comes with graham crackers, marshmallows and a campfire, it should remain in the bag. 

  1. Candy corn

Love or hate them, candy corn takes the title as the quintessential Halloween candy. With a festive orange, white and yellow color scheme, candy corn simultaneously evokes flavors of nostalgia, sweetness and plastic. But hey, who can resist a classic? 

  1. Payday

For those who aren’t a fan of chocolate, Payday’s caramel nougat center coated in peanuts provides a perfect alternative. The saltiness of the peanuts not only makes Payday a sweet treat but also a yummy, savory snack. 

  1. Twix

A tasty combo, both crunchy and chewy, Twix brings something new to the candy game with a shortbread cookie base coated in caramel and chocolate. Even if the cookie tastes a bit like cardboard, the answer remains “yes please” to this sweet yet hearty bite. 

  1. Reese’s Pumpkins

Do Reese’s Pumpkins actually taste different than Reese’s Cups, Trees or Eggs? The jury remains undecided. However, the classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate presents something nearly irresistible, and the festive pumpkin shape offers a new balance in texture that pleases the palate. 

  1. Peanut M&M’S 

Unlike plain M&M’S, Peanut M&M’S take a twist on the classic while packing the perfect hidden punch of crunch under a thin exterior of candy shell and milk chocolate. The fun-sized package creates a tasty pick-me-up. 

  1. Kit Kat

With simple yet effective flavors, Kit Kat’s chocolate-covered wafers offer a light texture and interactive dining experience. Why not break off another piece of that DUH … DUH … DUH!

  1. Snickers

Enveloped in a soft blanket of milk chocolate and creamy nougat, topped with a layer of decadent caramel and crunchy peanuts, a simple bite-sized Snickers hits all the marks in both flavor and texture — pure perfection. Buy these fun-sized candies by the bag before someone else does.