Boba shops within walking distance of campus

Chandler Rowley, Life and Arts Reporter

In the hectic world of UT student life, few establishments have an allure like that of boba shops. Their wide array of drinks and food items paired with their intimate atmospheres make these establishments prime hubs for socialization and study sessions.

The Daily Texan reviewed three bubble tea spots within walking distance of campus to provide students a guide for all their boba needs.


CoCo’s Cafe

1910 Guadalupe Street

Situated amid several restaurants and thrift shops on Guadalupe Street, CoCo’s Cafe may fall under the radar for non-boba fans making their way down The Drag. However, once inside, the charming decor and cozy atmosphere prove why CoCo’s perfectly suits UT students.

With a variety of milk teas, smoothies and juices, there’s something for everyone on the menu. For the uninitiated boba drinker, the milk tea with the shop’s signature tapioca pearls stands as a reliable order. This concoction delivers a blend of milky flavor with the tasteful bitterness of the black tea. The mini tapioca beads add a unique texture to the drink along with a distinctly sweet taste. For those conscious of dairy consumption, CoCo’s has several non-dairy substitutions such as almond milk and coconut milk.

4.5 Pearls out of 5


Gong Cha

2021 Guadalupe Street

 While it houses many UT students, Dobie Twenty21 Student Spaces also boasts Gong Cha, a Tawainese bubble tea chain tucked away in the skyscraper’s mall. Located in the food court above Target, this hidden gem is typically home to a number of UT organizations’ profit shares and late-night boba runs.

The dirty brown sugar milk tea, one of their most popular drink items, contrasts the sweetness of brown sugar, the creaminess of milk and the sharpness of black tea. The addition of tapioca pearls adds another element of deliciousness, rounding out the drink with a candied aftertaste. Whether you need a quick treat before class or want to relax on the outdoor patio at Dobie, Gong Cha will not disappoint.

5 Pearls out of 5


Kung Fu Tea

2001 Guadalupe Street 

Located between Dobie Twenty21 Student Spaces and Rowling Hall, Kung Fu Tea holds its own against the hustle and bustle of Guadalupe Street and MLK Boulevard. With locations in Japan, Taiwan and Canada, Kung Fu Tea definitely has the recipe for boba tea success.

Although the shop itself cannot accommodate large groups, Kung Fu Tea more than delivers with their drinks and picturesque decor, including a neon “ForTea Acres” sign. The grapefruit green tea stands out as one of their tried and true beverage options. The tangy citrus of the grapefruit pairs well with the subdued, earthy tones of the green tea. With the option to alter the drink’s sugar levels, they provide perfect sweetness for anyone’s palette.

4 Pearls out of 5