Meow Wolf, Spatial collaborate for Spatial Holodeck immersive art experience, allow SXSW attendees to escape into futuristic world

Sofia Treviño, Life & Arts Reporter

Visitors of the Meow Wolf pop-up experience at SXSW stepped into an eclectic world full of bright blue, purple and pink neons and whimsical background noises, immersing themselves in art brimming with life and vibrant energy.

On March 11, Meow Wolf — an arts and entertainment company from Santa Fe, New Mexico — launched a pop up experience in Spatial Holodeck. Collaborating with Spatial — an audio simulation company which creates virtual soundscapes — Meow Wolf’s 2,400 square foot area allows visitors to escape into art as they take in the pieces and sound. This partnership added onto the science fiction feel of the exhibition, with bubbling and hammering noises in the air around viewers.

“Visitors will experience a psychedelic landscape of creative potential, where lost ideas manifest into islands of vibrant possibility,” Sandra Wang, creative director for Meow Wolf, said in a press release. “Each island is a world of its own, which was built with the intent to reunite with the lost pieces of our imagination.”

Using recycled materials, Meow Wolf challenges sustainability concerns within the art area, creating new and exciting art. Each sculpture piece is its own world. From the “GLITCH CITY ZONING MANUAL;” a floating island with leaning skyscrapers and vibrant homes, to “Strikes and Gutters;” a bowling pin-shaped sculpture with windows showing bowling balls on their way down a spiral staircase, every part of the exhibit requires careful attention from viewers.

Closer looks reveal hidden universes, making the already funky exterior pale in comparison. “Burnout Eternal,” for example, features different sized eggs with holes peeking through to find amusing worm communities. One egg reveals stunning scenery, with white mushrooms, pink roses and three pink worms settled on a lush green hill.

Additionally, QR codes hide on the edge of each piece. Upon scanning the codes with a phone camera, the exhibit further extends online, with more information about the art on “The Stream,” an online website described as a “psychic channel between worlds, a place where lost ideas coalesce and propagate.”

A unique art experience, the Meow Wolf pop up offered a thrilling break from the bustling energy at SXSW. With the intense details and careful consideration placed by Meow Wolf and Spatial, visitors are sure to be enthralled into the colorful, immersive experience.