QUIZ: Which SXSW artists should you watch for?

Angela Lim, Senior Life & Arts Reporter

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the March 11, 2022 SXSW flipbook.

With a music lineup saturated with various acts, SXSW attendees have the opportunity to discover an overwhelming number of artists. Whether you’re looking to fill up your festival itinerary or add songs to your playlists, The Daily Texan created this quiz as a good place to start.

  1. How would you describe your music taste?
    1. A live rock band sound with exhilarating guitars and percussion
    2. A medley of groovy synths and smooth R&B tones
    3. A mellow blend of folk, pop and indie
    4. A bold cacophony that experiments with various genres
  2. Which aspects do you pay the most attention to in a song?
    1. The less noticeable details, such as a bass strumming in the background
    2. The song’s vocals and beat — lyrics generally just go in and out of my head
    3. The song’s melody and lyrics
    4. The instrumentals and overall ambience
  3. Choose a Pantone color to associate with your audio aura.
    1. Sun Orange
    2. Purple Velvet
    3. Brick Red
    4. Blue Moon
  4. What’s your favorite season?
    1. Summer
    2. Fall
    3. Spring
    4. Winter
  5. How do you usually listen to music?
    1. I headbang and mimic the sounds of the instruments
    2. I hum and tap my foot to the rhythm
    3. I sing and occasionally belt along to the lyrics
    4. I daydream and feel a song deeply
  6. Which concert moments resonate with you the most?
    1. The crowd’s screams blare as the guitarist shreds their much-awaited solo under crimson hues
    2. The artist stops singing and points their microphone at the crowd, hearing their lyrics echoing throughout the venue
    3. With a dazzling sea of phone flashlights waving in unison, the audience sways to the artist’s most emotional track in their setlist
    4. With overflowing gratitude, the artist moves offstage and freely interacts with the crowd, exchanging smiles
  7. Among these top artists, whose music do you enjoy the most?
    1. Coldplay
    2. The Weeknd
    3. Taylor Swift
    4. Billie Eilish
  8. Choose a mood playlist that Spotify curated:
    1. “teen angst” — featuring Avril Lavigne, Mayday Parade and Paramore
    2. “goosebumps” — featuring Doja Cat, Labrinth and Pink Sweat$
    3. “wanderlust” — featuring Hozier, Lorde and Phoebe Bridgers
    4. “idk.” — featuring Cavetown, Conan Gray and Rex Orange County



Mostly A’s: You seek bands with a high-energy discography that sounds best played live, giving an adrenaline rush.

Recommended Artists:

Bad Bad Hats, Been Stellar, Blvck Hippie, Cuffed Up, jackie, Ivypaint, Low Hummer, Rosegarden Funeral Party

Mostly B’s: You love the sheer soul an artist expresses through their voice, seamlessly gliding across a track.

Recommended Artists:

Akinyemi, Ariel & The Culture, AUSAR, Bairi, catchtwentytwo, CHERISE, Cítrico, Danielle Apicella, DeVita, Jay Wile, Madison McFerrin, Mélat

Mostly C’s: You view music as a source of inspiration and warmth, memorizing your favorite lines of poetry.

Recommended Artists:

Alisa Amador, ANAVITÓRIA, Buffalo Rose, Junaco, Katy Kirby, Ley Line, MAITA, MAVICA, Mae Powell, Mini Trees, Sarah Kinsley, The Deer

Mostly D’s: You embrace the nuanced emotions of sound, drifting towards the vibrant escapades of your mind.

Recommended Artists:

BABii, Baby Queen, Bodywash, Faux Real, John Moods, Living Hour, Luna Li, Liz Lawrence, Meltt, Mobley, Olivia Kaplan, The fin.