The Daily Texan’s March 2022 album picks

Angela Lim, Senior Life & Arts Reporter

March came with long-awaited spring weather and a sudden surge of music releases. With the first quarter of 2022 wrapped up, The Daily Texan reviewed seven standout albums that arrived this past month.

From 2 to 3 – Peach Pit

The Vancouver-based quartet relaxes its usual indie rock sound, enveloping its LP in folk and lingering summertime warmth. The album makes up for its simpler melodies with the band’s signature punchy and sweet guitar tones in “Vickie,” “Pepsi on the House” and “Drips on a Wire.” From 2 to 3 saunters through the sunlit seasons with its comforting aura.

WHO CARES? – Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County released one of his most cohesive and cinematic records to date. With 10 of the album’s 11 songs incorporating strings, WHO CARES? yearns for joy by blending orchestral elements into indie pop. The seamless texture variations in “ONE IN A MILLION,” such as spotlighting the sounds of dreamy violins and a rich bass, make it an exceptional track on the album.

CRASH – Charli XCX

As her final album for Atlantic Records, the English singer-songwriter summons a dance-pop whirlwind to redefine her popstar persona. Poking fun at major record labels controlling their artists, perhaps the tracks intentionally served to have dull melodies and emptier sections. Nevertheless, “Yuck” stands out with its disco groove, synths and sticky hook.

Uncanny Valley – COIN

In Uncanny Valley, the Nashville-based band explores being human in today’s digital world. The concept thoughtfully translates into the album’s more psychedelic soundscape, including details such as glitches, distorted effects and camera shutters. With leveled production in catchy tunes “Cutie” and “Chapstick” and introspective lyrics in rock track “Watering A Dead Flower,” COIN communicates in a language for the younger generation.

GABRIEL – keshi

Since 2017, keshi has crafted his trademark sound with a distinct falsetto layered on a lo-fi track. Although this formula’s core still holds true in his debut LP GABRIEL, the artist finds ways to express a range of emotions musically, from the intense baritone timbre in “GET IT” to the burning electric guitars in “ANGEL” and romantic strings in “UNDERSTAND.”


The indie-pop collective’s LP takes inspiration from the bustling streets of their home, New York City. From upbeat jam “SYNCOPATE” to mellow finale “MY FRIENDS,” the album showcases a diverse selection of styles that MICHELLE can pull off effortlessly. The group executes its tracks with refreshing vocals and musicality.

The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm – Red Velvet

Known for its versatile discography, Red Velvet returned with an elegant yet jarring title track, “Feel My Rhythm,” which samples classical composer Bach’s “Air on a G String.” The EP honors the group’s beloved “velvet” side with sleek R&B genres and retro synths. City pop B-side “BAMBOLEO” invites listeners to sway, and the thick harmonies of “In My Dreams” show one of Red Velvet’s best vocal performances yet.