Recipes to celebrate fall’s cooler temperatures

Drew Morris, General Life & Arts Reporter

In Texas, students take every chance to enjoy cooler temperatures when given the opportunity. As temperatures begin to dip and the leaves change colors, students find warmth and comfort in turning to their kitchens to take in the feelings of fall through tasty recipes. 

The Daily Texan compiled a list of cozy autumn dishes and treats to accompany Austinites during the chilly holiday season, complete with links to full recipes and instructions.


Slow Cooker Chili

Requiring minimal supervision, slow cookers allow even kitchen amateurs to throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot to cook while they go about their day. This recipe for a protein-packed chili will surely warm up students on a time crunch with its catalog of spices and deep flavors. Complete with minced garlic, smoked paprika and turkey, this recipe blends autumn flavors and makes for the perfect Thanksgiving break meal to bring to a friendsgiving potluck.


Sheet Pan Pumpkin Soup

Playing off of the fall flavor classic, sheet pan pumpkin soup offers unconsidered pairings with a full variety of vegetables and seasonings. This dish will surely warm students up with the temperatures continuing to dip. The recipe, full of spices and herbs, calls for cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, coriander and even chili flakes for a little extra kick. For students looking to explore more of their cooking capabilities without going too far into the waters, this recipe makes for a solid place to start. 


Apple Cider Punch

A good meal can always use a great drink concoction, and this apple cider punch promises just that. With flavors ranging from sweet and tart to spicy and warm, each sip is guaranteed to embody the fall season. Ginger ale promises to give the drink a little sparkle, and the addition of orange and lemon juice will bring a more tart flavor. For amateur mixologists looking to make a splash this Thanksgiving, garnish the drink with apple slices, orange wedges and as many cinnamon sticks as desired.


Chai Sugar Cookies 

Finally, no meal is complete without a sweet treat. This dessert recipe comes from avid baker and musician Taylor Swift, who inspired fans to get in the kitchen this fall after her latest album’s release. With this classic seasonal flavor profile, these chai sugar cookies will make a dazzling addition to any holiday party — even beyond autumn. Filling the kitchen with the scent of a dreamy fall bakery while satisfying every sweet tooth, Swift’s recommendation takes on a reputation all on its own.