‘All of those Voices’ documentary gives insight into Louis Tomlinson’s life, solo career

Melani Alanis, General Life&Arts Reporter

Louis Tomlinson, former One Direction member turned solo artist, released his documentary “All of Those Voices” in theaters on March 22. Directed by Charlie Lightening, the documentary tells a raw depiction of Tomlinson’s life, from rising to stardom to finding his footing after the band’s split. 

Tomlinson’s documentary gives insight into his early One Direction days and how it took him a long time to adjust and feel comfortable within the band. While Tomlinson had the most writing credits within the group, he said he experienced his voice being cut from songs and said he initially felt like he didn’t have a say in the creative process. 

The film chronicles many devastating moments in Tomlinson’s life and the healing processes that followed. It showed footage of One Direction’s last concert in 2015 and how he dealt with the separation.

“The feeling I remember the most is a little bit of anger because I didn’t want to go on a break,” Tomlinson said in the documentary. “It didn’t just upset me, it shocked me. I wasn’t prepared for it. For me, it was the band or nothing.”

Tomlinson also discusses his career as a solo artist and the struggles he faced. Throughout the film, he talks about going back to performing and feeling comfortable on stage again — a personal journey the film successfully depicts.

The documentary gives audiences a real and intimate look into the singer-songwriter’s life by incorporating home movie footage and family member interviews. The film leaves no stones unturned, showing how he dealt with the passing of his mother in 2016 due to leukemia, as well as the passing of one of his sisters shortly after in 2019. The film also delves into Tomlinson’s life as a father, showing various interactions and sweet moments with his 7-year-old son Freddie Tomlinson.

“All Of Those Voices” takes viewers through Louis Tomlinson’s path of self-discovery in finding his musical identity, preparing for his All Of Those Voices world tour and relishing in his success with his friends and family. A down-to-earth depiction of Tomlinson’s life, the film’s execution captivates the audience and leaves viewers wishing the documentary ran longer.

4 voices out of 5