UT assumes top position of Playboy party rankings

Ben Wermund

Playboy magazine named UT the No. 1 party school in the nation this weekend, claiming we have it all — “Big-time sports, gorgeous babes, great academics in an awesome town.”

“It’s good to be a Longhorn,” the magazine says.

To the residents of a campus area where bands put on live performances in three-bedroom apartments, the streets are flooded Thursday through Saturday with inebriated souls on the hunt for more to drink and a special bus line runs to and from Dirty Sixth Street in the middle of the night, this title shouldn’t come as any surprise.

The magazine praised all of these expected traits, but added a few of its own.

“We’re talking to you, bikinied coed in Devil’s Cove, and you, star wide receiver Jordan Shipley, and even the humanities library, which just purchased David Foster Wallace’s papers,” the magazine says. “When you add up academics, the weather, the liberal atmosphere, South By Southwest, game day and the nightlife on Sixth Street, UT-Austin is one heck of a school.”

Wait. What does the purchasing of David Foster Wallace’s papers have to do with partying? And do academics really factor into our ability to party?

If we’re the No. 1 party school in the country, don’t stretch to academics. Recognize our ability to party. Take a stroll through West Campus on a Friday night, and academics will probably be the last thing to come to mind.

The magazine recognizes South By Southwest, which somehow increases the number of hipsters hitting the streets from noon to noon for an entire week, but overlooks Roundup, which pulls off the same amazing feat for the neon-clad equivalent.

Playboy credits the liberal atmosphere, but hey, our Young Conservatives like to party, too. And one would have to assume that when the article references the weather, it means sunny days and starry nights, but we all know UT parties hard — rain or shine.

This weekend proved that.