Thrice continues to evolve, thrive

Neha Aziz

California rock veterans Thrice have six albums under the band’s belt since hitting the alternative scene in 1998. Fans may be more familiar with earlier material because of the band’s extensive touring with acts such as Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, The Get Up Kids and Alkaline Trio. Despite the band’s association with pop punk’s heyday in the early 2000s, Thrice continues to evolve and release new music.

Originally formed by Dustin Kensrue and Teppei Teranishi, Thrice has since made a lasting mark on alternative-rock music. The songs “All The World is Mad” and “Deadbolt” have been featured on the popular video game Guitar Hero. “All The World is Mad” sets the tone for their latest album, Beggars. Released in 2009, Beggars departs from the calm sound of Thrice’s previous two EPs, opting for a more energetic tone.

Kensrue says that “All The World is Mad” is a starting point, presenting questions that later songs in the album go on to answer. “You’re going to the darkest moment at the beginning of the record, and letting some things get worked out from that point,” explains Kensrue on the band’s official website. Also noteable is the song “Doublespeak,” which incorporates a piano medley and explores pertinent questions about truth and ignorance.

Kensrue, the band’s lead singer and lyricist often centers Thrice’s songs around philosophy and Christianity. In particular, philosopher and writer C.S. Lewis, has been the inspiration behind some of Thrice’s most famous singles, inclduing “As the Ruin Falls” and “The Weight of Glory.”

Since making it big in 2005, Thrice has worked on several side projects, including Kensrue’s two solo albums. Kensrue has also lent his vocals, and Teranishi his guitar skills, to The Out Circuit’s album Pierce the Empire with a Sound.

WHAT: Thrice w/ Kevin Devine
WHERE: Emo’s
WHEN: Tonight, doors open at 6:30
TICKETS: $19 advance, $22 at the door