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October 4, 2022

Tesla coils energize meditation

Meditation and yoga are becoming more and more central to the lifeblood of popular culture, as more than 10 million adults in the U.S. engage in some form of meditation, which is double the numbers from the mid-1990s. With a plethora of methods available for spiritual practitioners, innovation is necessary for smaller businesses to make a name for themselves.

For Josh Pearson, innovation comes in the form of AC and DC batteries.

Tesla Light Source, which Pearson opened last month, provides clients with 15-minute meditation sessions that take place between two Tesla Energy Lights. The technology, specifically the Tesla coil, was pioneered by Nikola Tesla and is used to produce high-voltage and high-currency AC electricity at high frequencies. These were expanded and adapted for the lights to create a pair of AC and DC batteries intended to increase clients’ concentration and motivation and realign their “chakras,” or points of spiritual power found along the body.

“[The batteries] put off these subtle frequencies that are really compatible to the body, versus if you stood outside a big electric tower [which is] way too strong for the human body,” Pearson said. “But these have been designed to be the right frequencies, subtle enough to permeate the body and to adjust the energy levels of the body to where it’s beneficial to the system.”

According to, the lights are designed to create more frequencies to expand the user’s “life-force potential.” The Tesla lights are long, cylindrical tubes surrounded by 12 smaller tubes, which are filled with different gases such as nitrogen, neon and oxygen. These gases contribute to “heterodyning,” which is a process where two or more frequencies combine to create new frequencies.

Although the company cannot claim that Tesla Energy Lights heal or directly improve the body since they are not FDA approved, Pearson’s personal experience with the lights and the feedback he’s received from others has been positive.

“I meditate a lot, and I thought [using the lights] felt like coming out of a deep meditation,” Pearson said. “It seemed like it made me really productive and focused. Some people feel recharged [and] some people feel really giddy when they come out.”

Spiritually unfulfilled by his full-time job as a sunglasses salesman, Pearson began searching for something he could do that would benefit others. Pearson learned about the Tesla lights two and a half years ago with the help of his acupuncturist.

After trying the Tesla Energy Lights a few times, Pearson recruited his less-spiritual friends to try them and give him feedback about their experience. His friends had a good first session and encouraged him to become more serious about starting a business involving the lights.

“I was always looking for something, and these just came across my path,” Pearson said. “Nobody’s really offering this in Austin, and [with] Austin being such a holistic area, I figured it would do pretty well.”

Since opening Tesla Light Source, he has had a few customers that suffer from serious medical conditions who have noticed improvements in their daily lives after taking sessions.

“There’s a lady who has Hodgkin’s [lymphoma] that’s [using them] and she loves it. She says it’s helping her out a lot,” Pearson said. “She went a week without doing it and she noticed a huge difference. There’s a person with Tourette’s [Syndrome] doing it and he’s noticed a lot of benefits from it.”

While Pearson hopes he can eventually make a living from the company, his main goal is to help people become healthier through their meditation sessions.
“I want to be successful at it, but I mainly got [the lights] for my health, for the people around me — to benefit them. It’s great to make money, but it’s much more fulfilling to change people’s lives.”

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Tesla coils energize meditation