Don’t boo Wyoming; Come for the discussion, stay for the beer

Don’t boo Wyoming

In light of the tragic death of a Wyoming football player earlier this week, can we please not boo them when they come out on the field or if they make a decent play or two?
I always feel pity for the students and others that feel the need to boo whenever an opponent comes out of the visitor’s locker room. Why bother in the first place?
On top of that, Wyoming had a lot to deal with, including an away game after something so awful. Just don’t boo.

— Creighton Weber
Texas Exes life member

Come for the discussion, stay for the free beer

Before I signed up for this whole Student Government thing, I wish someone had told me how difficult it would be to stay in touch with a 50,000-member constituency. In a perfect world, all 50,000 of you Longhorns would regularly inform me of how I’m performing and contribute your ideas for how SG could best serve you. However, it doesn’t quite work that way here at UT, where most students’ attitudes toward SG hover somewhere between apathy, ignorance and even disillusionment.
So, in an effort to counter the status quo, I’ll be hosting another round of SG “office hours” this afternoon in the (still open) Cactus Cafe, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. Come on over and we’ll talk about student issues like parking meters in West Campus, the DREAM Act, campus-wide budget cuts and anything else that’s on your mind. Bring your questions, your concerns and — my favorite — your ideas.
Also, because today happens to be somewhat of a special one for me, I’m sweetening the deal. I’ll have a few pitchers of Shiner Bock on hand, and if you’re at least 21, I’d love to treat you to a drink as a way of saying thank you for engaging SG as we do our best to reach out to you. For those of you not quite 21 yet, don’t worry — I’ll be sure to bring something for y’all as well.
Grad students, you’re invited, too! Consider this an invitation to emerge from your cramped offices and bring your grad student issues to the attention of SG. We certainly want to know what’s going on in your sphere. (And c’mon, heaven knows it’s rare that an undergrad is buying you a drink.)
See y’all this afternoon for our party — err, I mean, office hours — at the Cactus!

— Matt Portillo
Music and rhetoric and writing senior
SG University-wide representative