Not America’s problem

<strong>Not America’s problem</strong>

On Wednesday, Sept. 22, The Daily Texan published an opinion column, “Take responsibility for Mexico’s tragedy,” concerning the drug cartel war, and in particular, the resignation of El Diario de Juárez from the coverage of that war. This resignation was communicated through a letter. The letter spoke of the ineffective actions of the government and the effective actions of the drug cartels, and finally pleaded the cartel leaders to tell the newspaper what to publish so there would be no repercussions. It was poignant and sad. Even worse, as I was reading it, I knew I could only stand and observe in silence.

So when I read an opinion article that attempts to illustrate that the United States of America is at the root of this drug war, I get angry only because there isn’t anything that I know of to help the situation. When I change my vacation spot from Mexico to Costa Rica, it’s because I don’t want to die, not because I do not care.

In all of the world’s history, when has the United States of America forced the United Mexican States to be its crack transport? I know we have subdued much, if not all, of Latin America at some point in the 20th century and then strutted back across the Rio Grande; the United States should take responsibility for that. But we do not have to take responsibility for the drug wars. This is not a problem caused by America. It’s just a problem that needs to be solved.

— Abhijit Sreerama