Poll reveals Republican lead, White’s supportive voter base

Nolan Hicks

A new UT and Texas Tribune poll released Monday showed Bill White trailing Gov. Rick Perry by 10 points, with Perry collecting 50 percent of the vote to White’s 40 percent.

Third party candidates take the remaining 10 percent of the vote.

“The poll isn’t terribly surprising,” said Daron Shaw, a government professor who’s part of the team that conducted the poll. “White is hanging tough, but Perry seems to be consolidating his support.”

The poll does contain some good news for the White campaign; 72 percent of White supporters strongly support their candidate compared to 53 percent of Perry supporters.

The gubernatorial campaigns also filed their last campaign finance reports that were due Monday.

The Perry campaign raised $8.4 million, spent $16 million and has $2 million cash on hand.

The White campaign managed to raise almost $3.7 million while spending $6.1 million. They have $487,468 remaining.